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Thursday, August 30, 2012

(Indoor) Garden Tour

Did you know that I haz a green thumb through this
plant is much older than me at twenty-one years old
I helped Mom with it making it the jungle beauty that it
is today.  What I do is some maintenance checks for 
new buds as without me these buds would not know what to do. 

I haz a plant that I took care of by myself as it is up 
at cat height and what I do is a lot of scent marking
as this would help to make this little one grow as big as 
its furiend.  Cause everything is much better when its
helped by our cat powers and scents.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Snug As A...

bug in a rug.  This is what Mom said  when
she saw my ear peaking out from between the blankets
and quilt after she came back from food shopping. I had
went into the quilts in order to have a snug little cat nap
while Mom was away.

Mom was good in that she did not disturb me and
went to another room to do stuff until I came 
sauntering up out of the room as she knows the code
of the cat in terms of cat naps and human beds

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Special Pettin' Spot

Its been a little while since Mom and I had a good petting
session.  We have done pettin', but it was a bit since 
there was a longer time of pets with lots of meows of happiness.
Just recently Mom found a special spot right on my neck that made
me go into super pet mode of demanding more and using 
my paws to direct Mom for more pets.

I also twisted  around in order to better direct the pettin'.
Mom was able to reach both my neck and chin 
where I enjoyed the ultimate in pettin' with lots of mews
and purrs and licks for Mom

Monday, August 20, 2012

Furiendly Gossip

I'm took some time to talk to Sealia here for a little bit
of gossip as we were both chillaxing again behind the
rocking chair.  It was nice little chat and she gave out
some juicy tidbits of information about the goings on
and I told her of the outer rooms of the house including
some good places for swimming, which I do not like
but she might appreciate.
Through the gossip ended when I noticed that there 
was the flashy box after all its hard to get good gossip
with another ear listening into the conversation.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursdays 'Tocks

Mom took some more unathorized pictures now
she took one of my tortie tocks when I was going
into the hole of the cat tree.  She said she was just
happy that I took to this part of my tree as it was the
one area I avoided as I like the other part of my tree.
Its very embrassing as some private parts are visible for
all to see.
I might have to repirmand her through I am bad at that
as I went to her and started purring very sweetly and
differently than I did before.  I need to rethink things
as I am obviously missed one of the steps of human
training to purr after such indiginity.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Easy Sunday Interruptus

I was taking it very easy on the pillow of the bed
for a bit of a nap that was interrupted by Mom
who came and stuck the camera right in my face.
Mom says that I was cutes with the way I was
using the pillow and wanted to catch it right quick
I Ppfed at her as obviously I was taking a cat nap
when she came and knew this beforehand.  And I also gave
a strong stinkeye so that she knows that its rude to
do this.  Hopefully other Easy Sundays would not be
so rudely interrupted by the camera.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

World Cat Day

Happy World Cat Day to all of my
furiends.  Today is our day of celebrating and to
do this in Cat Blogosphere Style
we look to our ambassador for  this years events
towards Mitalee from Critters in the Cottage
My Mom got into the spirit of Cat Day by giving
me the paper bag to play with.  Usually we
do not have these types of bags but Mom gone
to the pharmacy to get medicine and they gave
the huge bag that I went into total bliss over
It was more potent than how I am on with
nip.  Paper is mine nip of choice as it makes
me super excited and I am happy mine Mom gave
me this as a way to celebrate World Cat Day  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Naughty Tortie Tuesday

I was very naughty to be so interested in the cords
as I was trying to play with them and jump after
the cords.  This was of course not something I should
be doing as those cords are a No-No at home
I am not normally a chewer of cords so this was
unusual of me to decide to go for the cords with
such gusto.  Even though it was bad Mom first
took a picture of me going after those cords
I mean if I am not suppose to do this and it naughty
Mom should not be giving me such mixed signals on
this issue.  Right?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful this Thursday because I've
gotten a lot of cool stuff going on as part of the
Blogville Olympics there has already been a lot
of fun events.  And in a few of the ones I've been
in have already awarded all of us great athletes the gold
including the gymnastics event  
at Madi  and couch potato peeling with Lily Belle
In addition I have two awards to share one from Spitty
and the other I hope Madi's Mom does not mind picking
up this award as we were looking at the blog and saw this
offered for Moms who felt like her sister, which my Mom
feels very much purrs.

For these awards there is suppose to be seven
unusual things about me and interesting stuff about Mom
I will list four and let Mom list the other three
Willow: I told this before but it is really weird that my
fur turns various different colors sometimes more orange
and sometimes more black
Mom: Mom has flat feet with no real arch which is weird
for a human
Willow: While I am very flexible I have trouble with
jumping up and have to use several props to jump up to the cabinets
Mom: Mom never owned a car as uses public transportation
which is much cheaper to get around than driving
Willow: I sometimes listen to when Mom calls my name and come
to her so embarrassing
Mom: Mom never had a cavity paws crossed as she tries
to have good tooth maintenance
Willow:  I do not always meow at 0 ten O'Clock in the morning
as I let Mom sleep in
I am also thankful that I am one of the
16 finalist in synchronized snoozing that
is being hosted by The Island Cats.  I would
like to ask for some help with voting as I know
I would not win against Eric and Flynn, but I
would like to make a better showing than I am at
2% of the vote with 4 votes.  So I would be
very thankful for this support