Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blogging Break

I am going to be going on a little bit of a blogging break
as Mom is going through a lot of stuff right now.  She
will not be able to go visit as many blogs as she goes
to New York City, working, and graduate school.  We
have been getting fewer comments and we feel that is because
she has not been able to keep up with our friends and they
might think we do not care about them.

I will try to do important cat events like Mo Cats Day
and Talk Like a Pirate as we do still want to be involved in
the community.  It is just that there has not been as many
visitors and with everything it would just be too much on
the plate to keep up with the pace as it seems that we
lost some friends by not visiting them as much as we could.
Purrs Willow

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tortie Tuesday-Roadblock

Often times I find my path in Mom's room has changed.
This means that I have to investigate the area to see if
all is going to be well.  It is important to do a sniiff inspection
on the area as there could be something strange that needs
to be dealt with by an experienced kitty.
Then there are times when the thing becomes a roadblock
that should have been moved out of the way of cat
traffic flow.  As there is stuff on the other side including a
toy basket that has to be played with.  So in those instances
I stare at the object to get it moved out of the way before proceeding onward.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Where did all the commotion go everything is so much
more quiet now.  I am looking here and there and I
can not find as much excitment.  It might have something I said as
 there was a lot going on and now I do not see the same level
of activity as before so things are peaceful.
Thank Cod that some things have calmed down and
that the flurry of activity has somewhat slowed down.  As
there was much to much going on so a little bit of an Easy
is much appreciated as I get some purrsonal time with Mom
before she becomes extra busy in the coming weeks.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Does any kitty have a rowboat as I now have
my own private little river outside from Irene.
She was actually not so bad once she reached here
with no power outages as other East Coaster's had.

I spent a lot of the time under the bed, but once the
worst was over I slowly ventured out to survey all
of the water outside.  This made me again purr for being in a
safe home where Mom was purrpared to take us
to safety with a plan for both of us,

Rolling Around

It is an uneasy Sunday as I roll around in wait for
our turn with Hurricane Irene.  It has become smaller
in size, but it still has its bite.  I spent much
of yesterday under the table after Mom got home
from shopping as I did not want to invite Irene in
as a guest to our home on Sunday when she's been so rude
to the rest of the East Coast.

I have been weird with slipping in just opened closets
and dropping a bunch of books on the floor as
I meow my protest to Mom.  Mom thinks my different
 behavior was because there was too much activity
with the noise and moving of stuff from the neighbors.
As well as her getting ready to start back up with Grad
School next week and that a little bit of Fishy Flakes will
make me feel more purry and calm as we stay largely
technology free tomorrow with the high winds and rain so no
surges hurt the computer and other appliances. Purrs

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photo Hunt: Symbolic

Normally I love to rest under the umbrella, but I 
decided to bitey the umbrella in a symbolic gesture
in response to the Hurricane.  Mother Nature has been
very temperamental lately by difficult weather for all of
our friends by drought conditions for some areas and
then this hurricane here so I am taking my furstration on this
symbol of the crazy weather with a twitch of my tail and a good bitey.

Then I gave a symbolic talk to the tail to the umbrella
so that it would not be bothersome and instead start to
behave.  The weather needed a talking to and one
way to do that is to express my displeasure at
a popular symbol of inclement weather.
What all of this bad weather taught Mom was
that it is good idea to have a plan as the 
historical has happened in the last week. So 
I am going over my plan with Mom and posting
 Zoolarty's graphic to keep provisions on paw as these
weird weather patterns persist.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Marco Close-Ups

Mom was playing with the camera while I was purring
on her and took some shots of me up close and purrsonal.
My Mom is amazed at my orange eyelashes and the length
of them.  They help me make a sultry look for any man-cat
admiriers that would come by.

Mom says this photo captures the texturary nature
of my fur and how it is purrfect to ruffle during
pettings.  It is soft and manuable fur that makes for
deep petting massages that make me content and a
little bit sleepy.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that Mom got potentially good news
after all the medical news.  She got a call from one
of the librarian jobs for an interview.  While it is only
a part-time job it will let her gain some contacts if she
gets it as well as opportunities to other jobs when the
economy is better and there is more places hiring.

It is also fun to be thinking about if she needs to change her
course schedule so she could work and take classes.
I am thankful to be planning for a happy thing as
things have been so down with everything.  It is only an
interview on Friday and there might be other candidates,
 but it is a tiny bit of brightness that makes me purr. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24th Hat Day for Mom Judi of SAS

Mom Judi is famous in the cat blogosphere besides being
the bestest Mom to  Sammy, Andy, and Shelly she has also
hatted nearly every cat, dog, human in the community as
well as working on making over blogs and providing
wonderful banners for our furiends.  She has recently had
a tough family crisis and after all the help and love she gave
we want to show our support and help her and her family by
blogging about the hattings and just helping out for this special day.
Mom Judi really captured my purrsonality and spirit in this
hatting and I am happy to lend a paw the best way I can
to provide the support needed in this time to help them as
they helped others. With Mom's stuff a comment-a-thon can not
 be done monterary so I am posting my hatting for solidarty
and pointing to sites where donations for them would go. 

You can find the donate button at their blog  SAS .
There is also an ongoing Auction at Helping Our Needy Furiends
with plenty of items up for bidding.

In order to help Mom Judi I will turn off my comments.
Be sure to leave various comments on blogs that are participating in the comment-a-thons for Mom Judi

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cat Talk Time

After all of the worrying news and still some uncertainty about Mom
I was glad to see that the Zoolatry Girls are doing a fun activity
so we can think positively until the next steps of healing her.  Mom loves to
talk cat talk with me as she refers to our time as pettings sessions
and my revving motor when I am making a lot of purring noises.

What we love best is the chin scritches as I always
demand a lot more by head boinking her and directing
her hand to the wonderful spot.  It makes me so very
happy and purry to get a good chin scritch as it is the
bestest thing and makes us both very happy.

Sometimes if I want a more gentle scritch I will
go for a the side as this is a tamer experience with
a more peaceful feeling of contentment.  When there
is a more Zen Mood it is definitely the way to go as
there is a more lazy type of scritching going on.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Love Bug

Update: Mom is weirdly rare in a lot of ways and
this seems to be the way the cancer is super rare
and that means the cancer doctor wants to send
her to a specialist somewhere else in New York City
before they start treating for the best medicine.
I love sitting on top of Mom and purr, purr, purring or
just watching some tv.  I am a love bug in that I spend
a lot of time with her.  It might be a lot with
loving times, but I think it is necessary to be on Mom
leg even when it disrupts my comfort.  
Mom is a very restlesssleeper and before I left her
alone since I could not get comfortable on her.  Now
for the past few days she would wake up seeing me
resting on her leg.  I figure a little bit of movement is worth
it and spend a lot of time grooming her and purring and being
a love bug as it is my duty to do this for her.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hanging Out

I'm hanging out on the edge of my computer chair this
Sunday so I can soopervise my Mom.  This position
helps me watch over her better to give advice on what
I think would be best to write on different blogs.

From my hang out I also look way up at the
tassels that hang from the shelves.  I never tried to
jump up to these shelves as I know this would  be
dangerous, but I am fascinated by them and watch when I
choose to hang out to help Mom on the computer chair.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Photo Hunt: Drink and 100 Posts

Sometimes when Mom has a drink I try to drink from
her cup.  When I am very persistant she would get me
have a glass of water from one of her small cups so
that I can enjoy it and let her drink in peace without
cat paws in her cup.

The small glass is the best way to drink as I can
fit my face into the cup with ease to take little sips
from it.  I have other places to drink, but I like to
drink from cups as it is something my Mom does and
it looked like a lot of fun.

Today is also my 100th post it seemed as if the time just
passed so quickly.  I did so much during this time and
love how close, sweet, and wonderful
the cat blogers are as my Mom is going through this health
problem.  I love being here and purry headbuts to everyone
for helping and making things so wonderful and welcoming.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Love

UPDATE 2:50 P.M:  I want to thank everyone for
the purrs and support it helps us very much.
  The news from the surgeon today 
was not good as they said it was positive and
made an appointment with an cancer doctor for my
Mom on Monday for a consultation.  They said the cancer
doctor could explain more about everything, but do
not panic as it is super-slow growing and high survival at
this stage.  We purr very happy about that and do not
know what else to say right now but purring purring lots of thanks.
I am giving some Tender Loving Cat (Care) to my
Mom as she gets ready to hear the results.
She got the call that they received the test back
when they reminded her about the appointment. 
We are hoping to pass this test with flying colors. 
I applied my purr power to her leg to encourage all
the positive energy reach the surgeon.  A purr goes a
long way to improving the chances of everything being okay.
I told her that answers are good things and that things
would be fine no matter what they say.  Love and
purring help and this way I was doing something for her.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coincidence or Fate?

I was going to talk about my new special spot when
I looked closer at the picture and noticed something odd.
The truck above this table was made and painted
by my Mom in 7th grade does anyone recognize a similar
theme in coloration.  Even way before I was borned
she had this split type of design for a school project.

Her initials are also painted a different color than
the one side with the brown in the middle of the truck body.
This is the similar pattern as my fursuit and she did not
realize it till now.  Makes me wonder if it was
coincidence or fate that led me into her life?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Yoga Moves

I been leading my Mom in some yoga moves so that
she could start moving around more and playing. It
has been working wonderfully except for a slight twing she is 
almost back to normal activity.  (Purring a thanks to the
surgeon for good work).  So I am helping her be in tip-
top shape.
I do several types of yoga through my two most
popular are modified from my flopping and rolling.
It is the downward CAT and in this pawsition I
have my tail up straight with my head lowered.  This
allows for all of the endorphins to flow and wake up the body.

The other move is based on finishing the roll
and is the CAT-angle pose where the body is
pointed in various directions to face all the points in
the room.  This may be a bit advanced for my Mom,
but I hope to work her up to cat shape.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tortie Tuesday

This Tortie Tuesday I am making preparations to my
castle as I want it to look the best as there has been
a lot of activity here the last week.  I do not want other
people to think that I ignore the maintenance of my
space.  After all cleanliness is an important cat virtue.

With the sprucing up done it is time to take a nice
nap in the castle where my work can be admired with
a pettings from any guest.  As Queen I want my subjects
to be pleased with my decorating skills.

Monday, August 15, 2011

"Nosy" Willow

I like to push my nose leather against my Mom's hand
as it gets her to pet me.  It is extra wet and this causes
her to move her hands against the nose and start a little
headbutting love.  I can play and have pettings
at the same time when I do this so it is double fun for me and Mom.

I like to look at her first before I start this as I want
to surprise her with this action as it makes her start from the
sudden wetness.  This is the most fun to wait and see the
Mom leap a bit after I plotted the best way to nose her hand.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Easy Sunday

Today I am going tocontinue to take it Easy and rest
on top of Mom so I can rumbly purr.  Saturday morning when
Mom waked up she saw I was resting and hugging the
right leg where she had surgery and purring up a storm
as I knew my warmth and purrs would make Mom feel better.
I am going to request that Mom pull down both covers so that
there would be padding where I could lay on her and use 
my powerful purrs on her.  She always tells me that my
body heat works wonders on tired muscles so I know that this
will be the best way to spend an Easy Sunday.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Photo Hunt: One

I take my job seriously as furrier of furniture. Since
I am only one cat it is an daunting job even with the
small size of the house.  There are just so many different
places that need to be rubbed with fur, but I can only
do so much.  Mom says that I am number one at my
job especially on the edge of the couches.

I continue to do due diligence an make sure my
one cat effort succeeds in purrsuing the  fashion
of furry furniture.  It is a task is purrsued by many
of us in the cat community and I hope to be ranked
higher as my Mom is biased and I want to get a 
Number One rating from Fur Fashion magazine. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome Committee

I love to be the a major part of the welcoming committee
and go to the area where people are as it is my business
to be in the middle of everything.  I like to expose my belly
to them and carry on a conversation with them as they need
to know my opinions on things.

Understanding and waiting strangers is an important
role that I take seriously as I also investigate the peoples
bags.  Welcoming committee work may be hard, but
is has the rewards of being praised for being a pretty
and friendly kitty.  Purrs are also appreciated from visitors.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gentle Touch

I was gentle with my Mom when she got home
as the typical lying spot was tender after the operation.
Though I could not rest on her in the normal position
I was able to apply gentle touch to Mom as the 
surgeon did a good job of minimizing the area that felt pain.

It was nice to look over my Mom as she took a lot of little cat naps
throughout the day as the medicine wore off and she was glad that
through the person could not stay all day to help there was enough frozen meals
so she only had to heat up the meal.  This whole experience
was exhausting and we are both hoping next Friday that the
results are good and not anything bad. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nurse Willow

I am getting ready to be a nurse for my Mom
as I want to make sure everything is ready when
she comes home from surgery. I am being stern with
my Mom so she does not eat or drink this morning until
the surgery or else it will be cancelled as that is a No-No.
Mom says that I am all prepared  to be a nurse as my
fursuit resembles the current uniforms that nurses wear
with all of the designs to be more cheerful for patients.

She has a ride that will take her and pick her up from
the surgery and prepare a meal for Wednesday night as
she was told not to do much when getting home.  I went 
to her twice to make sure she was okay for this and
the long weekish? or more wait for the results. Good
energy purrs are a part of my nursing skills.