Thursday, November 24, 2011

Busy as Bees

Mom and me are very busy bees right now with the end
of the semester coming on and various papers are being due.
I am telling Mom to take a little bit of rest before making her
work on the writing as she is stuck on how to get started
on one of them and a little bit of rest is good for kitties.

I told Mom to relax a bit as there is always a little time
to chiill.  I know once school is done that she would
have a little downtime.  I love that Mom still made time for
me to participate in Secret Paws and in the napping contest. 

I was very pleased that Mom choose this photo
for the Kat's Kat sleeping contest. Through I might not
win it is always so nice to be a part of the community.
I love Mom very much as she spoils me with treats and
toys that a cat can imagine.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MEOW-Gency Test

This is a TEST

This is the test of the MEOW-Gency

If There Were A REAL MEOW-Gency
there would be a message here telling
you what to do (Pet the Cat)

This is the Conclusion of the MEOW-Gency
System. You Can Go Back to Your
Regularly Scheduled Cat Nap
PURRS Willow