Monday, January 28, 2013

Purr-using the Shelves

I love to purr-use books as they have such a unique
scent to them.  Each one is very different so I take my
time in examining them to give them the seal of  approval
by rubbing against them.  Of course it would be better if 
Mom would change it around so I could make sure the 
top books in the shelves are as purrfect as the ones at cat level. 

After all how am I supposed to help Mom if some
stuff is out of my reach.  It makes it a bit difficult for
me to maintain the high standards necessary.  Through I
am sure that there must be some innovative 
ways to purr-use the top shelves "sup!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Famous Doppelganger

Out there in cat dome I've got a famous doppelganger
Mom was getting a birthday card for her Grandma and
found this one with a picture of my doppelganger isn't she
pretty and except for a little more black and an opposite
mask she is just like me.

This means that I am famous by proxy as peeps give this
card for birthdays and  get to met this tortie beauty that grace
the birthday cards.  Isn't this most pawsome.

I really enjoyed inspecting her before Mom sent the
card in the mail I was a little bit jealous that she was
so close to a fishy, but all in all my doppelganger is a real
cool cat.

Also I had to give her a little bitey as a sister to 
ensure I had my own mark as a famous tortie
in my own right. Mew!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Next Big Thing

Purrs I am very thankful to Basil the Bionic Cat
for giving me a wondrous award as 
The Next Big Thing

This award is super special with Basil being a famous
cat with a book written about him so I am honored to 
be thought of as the Next Big Thing 
For this award I've got to nominate five other furiends 
who are The Next Big Thing
it was hard to choose who with some many good furiends
after much thought
These Five Furiends are:
Allie from A Tonk's Tail (er... Tale...)

Austin from Cataustin 


Whew that was a mouthful now I'm going to purrsue 
some pettins from Mom

Saturday, January 5, 2013

After Crazies

I went on a few midnight runs over the last few days so 
now I am just taking it easy on my bed after all enjoying
the night life requires some nap rejuvenation during the day.
Especially with all the running, jumping, and nibbling of new
calendars that I had done!
Mom said that I have much more kitten energy in the 
new apartment it is just cause now there are different
things here and I want to catalog every thing and that
takes a whole of crazy night shifts. Right?