Tuesday, November 19, 2013

No-Go Tricks

Mom, no-go on the performance art for treat in my
mind that treat should be already be in my tummy.
Sometimes I do like to perform for treats there are times
when I no patience and demand that I deserve the treat right now
Thankfully Mom paid me the attention and hand me the
treat to take from her hand without doing any type of 
trick this makes me much more purry as why is there
a need to work for treats afterall I'm the head of house.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Whisker Hump Wednesday

Do you like my Whisker Humps Mom said that they
are very unique as that while one side orange while
the other side has some interesting multi-colored humps.
Since I have such different colored humps I wanted
to celebrate both sides of the humps.
These humps are very nice as each one can be seen 
and the pouch of the humps are very obvious. 
My mask side has a couple different variety of humps
with some of them black and some orange and even
some that are only slightly shaded a really neat feature. 
The best part of the humps is when it is being petted
as that is an absolute pleasure causing seismic purrs.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Center of Attention

Mostly closing the bathroom door does not deter this 
girl from her mission of being a snooperviser.  I was too
fast before I got almost all the way in.  I used my ingenuity 
to pull the door open and then push my way in to see what
Mom was doing and get to where all of the action had to be.
Being in the center of attention is very important to me
even if it is one persons attention.  And of course as
 I passed Cat #101 with high marks a closed door must always 
opened as it is important things going on in that space
as well as leading to lots of loving.