Thursday, October 31, 2013

Raspberry Pawty

Today is a special day for me as I will be 10 years
today or a whole decade as humans put it.  I'm very
much am acting like a kitten again with singing nightly
arias as well as really getting into playing.  I have
put out my toys for some fun playing today to celebrate.
So rev your engines and come enjoy some fevvers
and wands, and papers.  And pawty!!  Enjoy this
special day of Tricks, Treats and Birthday.
Finally take a raspberry as a pawty favor when leaving.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Couch Sitter

I have been spending more time being a 
 Couch Sitter after taking a bit of a break 
to be Head snoozer as I was being very Easy.
I realized I was slacking on my snoopervision and 
decided to refocus on my role by being in charge.
I make sure that everything stays in place and tidy.
The couch lets me get a good vantage point on the
house so that I am able to snoopervise what goes on
 to make sure that everything is up to my exacting
standards.  I am very vigilant in my job of snoopervisor
even when it seems when I am sleeping on the job.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Grooming spiffiness

I am a firm believer in grooming spiffiness the idea that one can
never be too clean and a regular self-grooming is important.
Keeping spiffy is something that I always enjoy and this
 grooming was good in that I managed to get some
of the harder reach place like my back with my agility
and ability to do some contortion moves.
I also got a helping paw to get behind the hard to reach
area behind my ear.  It is a part of my reason d'etre 
and I do like to make sure that I am in company of
Mom to get some good pettings in as well.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Easy on Sunday-Tocktober Edition

I am celebrating Tocktober Easy style by having a
snooze while showcasing my tocks. My tail is even
curled up to really show the cuteness of my tocks.  
It was a buzy week so spending so time snoozing tummy
side up seemed like a purrfect way to spend the day.
 This is a favorite  time of year as most other cats I sometimes like
 to go put my tush near Moms face when she trying to read or 
watch TV.  It is also good month since I will be turning 10 on 
Tocktober 31st on Halloween so taking it is Easy now
is important as that is a very busy day with Trick a Treaters.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Working the Fur-tan

I spent a lot of time on the window this summer
working on my fur tan where I made
sure to get the purrfect  pawsition to get the maximum
amount of stripes to get the cool orange highlights
on my legs to stand out a bit more.

This window provided me a lot of lounging time just
basking in the sun where I could muse about many
different things outside or just enjoy the 
sunbeams while staring at Mom.