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Monday, September 19, 2011

Meow Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy Matey I am not usually a seafaring wench, but
today is a special day as it is Meow Like A Pirate
Day on the Cat Blogosphere.  In the spirit of this day
I prepared my Crows Nest for this rollicking adventure
 on the high seas.

I had to check for the sturdiness of the ship to determine
whether it was sea worthy as a solid ship is essential
for the life as a pirate.  I using my blanket as a cape as
those seas send mighty storms to naive pirates.

Arrg there is some rough areas in my boat my servant
is going to have to walk the plank if she does not
get on the duty of providing a seaworthy vessel. Purrs
will be withdrawn as well as a sea captian is nothing without
a loyal crew that follows directions.

Hark I am on my way to sail the briny deep now
that the inspection is over and plan to bring a
large tresure of salmon home for a feast.
Purrs Captain Willow.

Friday, September 9, 2011

MO-Cats Day

Before I started blogging there was a hissy human
that wanted to stop cats from being on the internet
and tried to declare a No Cat Day.  As you now we
cats have claws and it was declared that instead every
year on 09-09 that it was MO-Cats Day.
I will celebrate MO-Cats Day by inquiring for
MO room for the Cat living here.

I have meowed about the roadblocks in the room before,
but there has to be a better way to provide ample room
so things are not impeding my way.  I know that this puts
the books in the same room so Mom does not have to travel
far, but there are other alternatives to put the reading than in
the purrfect little retreat.

She could use the bookcase in the main room to put
the stuff even if it is more inconvinent instead of just using it
for library books.  A bit of room is better even if there are
all of these straps to play with from the bags that are put in my
way.  I measured the bookcase and there is space for a bazillion
books so there would be MO room for this Cat.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thankful Tortie Tuesday

Hi it is me Willow I convinced Mom to write a blog post
as she got done with all her work earlier than expected.
I am grateful that you understood why I needed
to limit the amount of blogging that I am doing now as
Mom has a case of the busies and can not spend as much
time helping me with the obligations in blogging.

I should have know that  my furiends would be supportive
of this change in schedule.  We were just grumpy pants
because of the amount of stuff she was dealing with as well as the rudeness
of bus people.  This was the second time that a stranger made a
comment about Mom's peeling face and these individuals did it in such
an icky manner it made Mom sad because it is not like
she does not know this and it is a scary thing what the diagnosis.

We know that with this new schedule of reading three to five
books a week and writing papers that there will not be as much
visiting, but we know that you will be there when I do have the chance
to blog.  I am a thankful tortie girl to have such good blogging furiends.