Monday, October 31, 2011

Marking My Birthday

I am so happy that Mom let me celebrate my birthday 
with everyone even as she was busy.  It was such
fun on my Gotcha Day and now I got Mom to take time
off to set up a little something for my day.  She even made
a movie of me marking all of the items in the living room as
mine because that is a way to mark my birthday.
I have a lot of things that are mine in the house
even if Mom does not think that isn't it the cats
prerogative to make it ours.  I am so purry lately
with all of the attention and hope that you can
hear my purrs in the video that just beam with
the happiness of marking my birthday with my
most exciting activity.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Ladies of Autumn

When we last posted Momo said that I should be a part of The Lady of Autumn
a group that formed by Bess the Cat.  This group celebrates our multiple
autumn colors. I proded Mom to enroll me before
she got busy so I could be a Lady of Autumn as a birthday present.

I am so happy to have been accepted into this wonderful
organization and am posting about it today as I wanted
to shout it out as my proud tortie individuality.  Mom was
so nice to do this for me and I have been a good kitty
and finally slept in the Hammock that she brought me for
my Gotcha Day through there were no pictures
as I meowed and walked away. 

I am looking forward to celebrating my birthday here
as Mom promised a little time to be able to go over
and party.  I am going have to set up the place to make
it nice as the guests will have stuff to do at my party.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Meditation Monday

This couch has become my place for mediation as I can
wait for Mom there when she comes back home.  She
was happy to hear that I stayed out and even played with the
downstairs neighbor on October 20th as she felt proud.
Of course I had to wait until she got home to show her my
"present" by going to the litter box when she got home.
I know that Mom has to wait and go again to hear the treatment
so meditation helps me with kitty patience.

I am also meditation if I should ask her to do something
big for my birthday on October 31st.  She is busy, but
I want to do something even though it is not my real
birthdate as Mom choose it for me because of
my love of the holiday and Holloween colors. Purrs
to all of my furiends and have a peaceful week.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Inspired Courage

Today I am purring up a message of  Hope. My
Mom has recently been affected by this terrible diagnosis
and I am comforting her as we wait to go to New York
City on October 20th.  We know that this can be beaten
and that eventually with hard work this can be combated.

 I missed you guys as I spent a lot of time trying to get
Mom to use the computer and blog to no avail.  Mom
said something about books and papers due on Wednesday
and when there was time. I love Mom as she spends
time and provides for me too.

I got to stand on top of a new box and I purred on her
and sit on her as she reads and does papers through I am
shooed as I try to type for her.  She means the world and
I am glad she will get answers and the get the help needed
to get better.

I know that I am all over the place, but I want
to make sure to tell everything as I know Mom would
be busy for a bit.  It is little things like the award from
Brian's Home  that keeps us going until things settle down.
As we are constantly inspired by our friends to continue as
it makes our hearts sing.  Even if things are missed important
events are acknowledged. Purring a huge thanks
for the friends encouragement and support.