Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sunbeam* Therapy

I know the title might be misleading but it is not me who will be
 getting Sunbeam Therapy.  Mom is happy to finally be getting
treatment for her cancer.  It will be starting January 4, 2012
for three times a week it is a whole lot to do, but worth it.
Mom also will be taking horsie pills to help to fight the bad
cells, through they say the sunbeam will probably be For-EVER.
This will be a really, really long time for Sunbeams.

Mom is happy to get to this step as it was so long that
it took to get all the doctory stuff.  She said that it is
good that through it was rare it was slow and that so
far it is only the skin that is trouble and now it will be in
control with the Sunbeam therapy.
*It is not really sunbeam, but a light box with special
rays that will fight the icky cancer t cells.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Secret Paw Revealed

Mom showed me the Secret Paw Package from Derby and Ducky
who I never blogged with so it was exciting to get to meet two
new kitties through Secret Paws
Mom opened it very quickly as I tried to get under
the box to open it up.  She had put it on the bed and
I was pestering her so she got her key and used the
box skillz to open it up real quick to get a look at what I got.

It was a whole lot of treats of Greenies and Crispies
as well as a few different types of toys including a
stocking of  a multitude of different mousies and balls
in that one stocking.
The card was the part that I was most interested in
as I wanted to learn more about Derby and Ducky.
It was a very cool card that I could not resist and
took from Mom when she gave it to me to sniff.

It was nom.  I read the card and found that Derby was
an original blogger.  I am happy that I pawed at Mom
to do  Secret Paws even when she was very busy as
this was a chance to make some more blogging furiends
After all this inspection Mom put the Secret Paws stuff in the box
to be put away in the cabinet and my toy "box" bucket. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Checking In

My Mom let me check in on every kitty to know
that we are all right. I was able to visit a little, but not
comment as Mom was super-duper busy with everything.
I keep every kitty in my mind even though there was no
time to do things.

I have helped my Mom very much during this time
with purry good soopervision of getting the right shipping
box for my Secret Paw that I will get her to send at
the end of the week.  I have also done other inventory.

I look into every package coming home and give my
seal of approval.  I hope soon Mom will let me comment
as things should be easier for a little bit of time.  I am
purry excited about this time, but until then I will
purr with Mom to encourage her to get things done.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Busy as Bees

Mom and me are very busy bees right now with the end
of the semester coming on and various papers are being due.
I am telling Mom to take a little bit of rest before making her
work on the writing as she is stuck on how to get started
on one of them and a little bit of rest is good for kitties.

I told Mom to relax a bit as there is always a little time
to chiill.  I know once school is done that she would
have a little downtime.  I love that Mom still made time for
me to participate in Secret Paws and in the napping contest. 

I was very pleased that Mom choose this photo
for the Kat's Kat sleeping contest. Through I might not
win it is always so nice to be a part of the community.
I love Mom very much as she spoils me with treats and
toys that a cat can imagine.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MEOW-Gency Test

This is a TEST

This is the test of the MEOW-Gency

If There Were A REAL MEOW-Gency
there would be a message here telling
you what to do (Pet the Cat)

This is the Conclusion of the MEOW-Gency
System. You Can Go Back to Your
Regularly Scheduled Cat Nap
PURRS Willow

Monday, October 31, 2011

Marking My Birthday

I am so happy that Mom let me celebrate my birthday 
with everyone even as she was busy.  It was such
fun on my Gotcha Day and now I got Mom to take time
off to set up a little something for my day.  She even made
a movie of me marking all of the items in the living room as
mine because that is a way to mark my birthday.
I have a lot of things that are mine in the house
even if Mom does not think that isn't it the cats
prerogative to make it ours.  I am so purry lately
with all of the attention and hope that you can
hear my purrs in the video that just beam with
the happiness of marking my birthday with my
most exciting activity.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Ladies of Autumn

When we last posted Momo said that I should be a part of The Lady of Autumn
a group that formed by Bess the Cat.  This group celebrates our multiple
autumn colors. I proded Mom to enroll me before
she got busy so I could be a Lady of Autumn as a birthday present.

I am so happy to have been accepted into this wonderful
organization and am posting about it today as I wanted
to shout it out as my proud tortie individuality.  Mom was
so nice to do this for me and I have been a good kitty
and finally slept in the Hammock that she brought me for
my Gotcha Day through there were no pictures
as I meowed and walked away. 

I am looking forward to celebrating my birthday here
as Mom promised a little time to be able to go over
and party.  I am going have to set up the place to make
it nice as the guests will have stuff to do at my party.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Meditation Monday

This couch has become my place for mediation as I can
wait for Mom there when she comes back home.  She
was happy to hear that I stayed out and even played with the
downstairs neighbor on October 20th as she felt proud.
Of course I had to wait until she got home to show her my
"present" by going to the litter box when she got home.
I know that Mom has to wait and go again to hear the treatment
so meditation helps me with kitty patience.

I am also meditation if I should ask her to do something
big for my birthday on October 31st.  She is busy, but
I want to do something even though it is not my real
birthdate as Mom choose it for me because of
my love of the holiday and Holloween colors. Purrs
to all of my furiends and have a peaceful week.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Inspired Courage

Today I am purring up a message of  Hope. My
Mom has recently been affected by this terrible diagnosis
and I am comforting her as we wait to go to New York
City on October 20th.  We know that this can be beaten
and that eventually with hard work this can be combated.

 I missed you guys as I spent a lot of time trying to get
Mom to use the computer and blog to no avail.  Mom
said something about books and papers due on Wednesday
and when there was time. I love Mom as she spends
time and provides for me too.

I got to stand on top of a new box and I purred on her
and sit on her as she reads and does papers through I am
shooed as I try to type for her.  She means the world and
I am glad she will get answers and the get the help needed
to get better.

I know that I am all over the place, but I want
to make sure to tell everything as I know Mom would
be busy for a bit.  It is little things like the award from
Brian's Home  that keeps us going until things settle down.
As we are constantly inspired by our friends to continue as
it makes our hearts sing.  Even if things are missed important
events are acknowledged. Purring a huge thanks
for the friends encouragement and support.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Meow Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy Matey I am not usually a seafaring wench, but
today is a special day as it is Meow Like A Pirate
Day on the Cat Blogosphere.  In the spirit of this day
I prepared my Crows Nest for this rollicking adventure
 on the high seas.

I had to check for the sturdiness of the ship to determine
whether it was sea worthy as a solid ship is essential
for the life as a pirate.  I using my blanket as a cape as
those seas send mighty storms to naive pirates.

Arrg there is some rough areas in my boat my servant
is going to have to walk the plank if she does not
get on the duty of providing a seaworthy vessel. Purrs
will be withdrawn as well as a sea captian is nothing without
a loyal crew that follows directions.

Hark I am on my way to sail the briny deep now
that the inspection is over and plan to bring a
large tresure of salmon home for a feast.
Purrs Captain Willow.

Friday, September 9, 2011

MO-Cats Day

Before I started blogging there was a hissy human
that wanted to stop cats from being on the internet
and tried to declare a No Cat Day.  As you now we
cats have claws and it was declared that instead every
year on 09-09 that it was MO-Cats Day.
I will celebrate MO-Cats Day by inquiring for
MO room for the Cat living here.

I have meowed about the roadblocks in the room before,
but there has to be a better way to provide ample room
so things are not impeding my way.  I know that this puts
the books in the same room so Mom does not have to travel
far, but there are other alternatives to put the reading than in
the purrfect little retreat.

She could use the bookcase in the main room to put
the stuff even if it is more inconvinent instead of just using it
for library books.  A bit of room is better even if there are
all of these straps to play with from the bags that are put in my
way.  I measured the bookcase and there is space for a bazillion
books so there would be MO room for this Cat.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thankful Tortie Tuesday

Hi it is me Willow I convinced Mom to write a blog post
as she got done with all her work earlier than expected.
I am grateful that you understood why I needed
to limit the amount of blogging that I am doing now as
Mom has a case of the busies and can not spend as much
time helping me with the obligations in blogging.

I should have know that  my furiends would be supportive
of this change in schedule.  We were just grumpy pants
because of the amount of stuff she was dealing with as well as the rudeness
of bus people.  This was the second time that a stranger made a
comment about Mom's peeling face and these individuals did it in such
an icky manner it made Mom sad because it is not like
she does not know this and it is a scary thing what the diagnosis.

We know that with this new schedule of reading three to five
books a week and writing papers that there will not be as much
visiting, but we know that you will be there when I do have the chance
to blog.  I am a thankful tortie girl to have such good blogging furiends.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blogging Break

I am going to be going on a little bit of a blogging break
as Mom is going through a lot of stuff right now.  She
will not be able to go visit as many blogs as she goes
to New York City, working, and graduate school.  We
have been getting fewer comments and we feel that is because
she has not been able to keep up with our friends and they
might think we do not care about them.

I will try to do important cat events like Mo Cats Day
and Talk Like a Pirate as we do still want to be involved in
the community.  It is just that there has not been as many
visitors and with everything it would just be too much on
the plate to keep up with the pace as it seems that we
lost some friends by not visiting them as much as we could.
Purrs Willow

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tortie Tuesday-Roadblock

Often times I find my path in Mom's room has changed.
This means that I have to investigate the area to see if
all is going to be well.  It is important to do a sniiff inspection
on the area as there could be something strange that needs
to be dealt with by an experienced kitty.
Then there are times when the thing becomes a roadblock
that should have been moved out of the way of cat
traffic flow.  As there is stuff on the other side including a
toy basket that has to be played with.  So in those instances
I stare at the object to get it moved out of the way before proceeding onward.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Where did all the commotion go everything is so much
more quiet now.  I am looking here and there and I
can not find as much excitment.  It might have something I said as
 there was a lot going on and now I do not see the same level
of activity as before so things are peaceful.
Thank Cod that some things have calmed down and
that the flurry of activity has somewhat slowed down.  As
there was much to much going on so a little bit of an Easy
is much appreciated as I get some purrsonal time with Mom
before she becomes extra busy in the coming weeks.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Does any kitty have a rowboat as I now have
my own private little river outside from Irene.
She was actually not so bad once she reached here
with no power outages as other East Coaster's had.

I spent a lot of the time under the bed, but once the
worst was over I slowly ventured out to survey all
of the water outside.  This made me again purr for being in a
safe home where Mom was purrpared to take us
to safety with a plan for both of us,

Rolling Around

It is an uneasy Sunday as I roll around in wait for
our turn with Hurricane Irene.  It has become smaller
in size, but it still has its bite.  I spent much
of yesterday under the table after Mom got home
from shopping as I did not want to invite Irene in
as a guest to our home on Sunday when she's been so rude
to the rest of the East Coast.

I have been weird with slipping in just opened closets
and dropping a bunch of books on the floor as
I meow my protest to Mom.  Mom thinks my different
 behavior was because there was too much activity
with the noise and moving of stuff from the neighbors.
As well as her getting ready to start back up with Grad
School next week and that a little bit of Fishy Flakes will
make me feel more purry and calm as we stay largely
technology free tomorrow with the high winds and rain so no
surges hurt the computer and other appliances. Purrs

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photo Hunt: Symbolic

Normally I love to rest under the umbrella, but I 
decided to bitey the umbrella in a symbolic gesture
in response to the Hurricane.  Mother Nature has been
very temperamental lately by difficult weather for all of
our friends by drought conditions for some areas and
then this hurricane here so I am taking my furstration on this
symbol of the crazy weather with a twitch of my tail and a good bitey.

Then I gave a symbolic talk to the tail to the umbrella
so that it would not be bothersome and instead start to
behave.  The weather needed a talking to and one
way to do that is to express my displeasure at
a popular symbol of inclement weather.
What all of this bad weather taught Mom was
that it is good idea to have a plan as the 
historical has happened in the last week. So 
I am going over my plan with Mom and posting
 Zoolarty's graphic to keep provisions on paw as these
weird weather patterns persist.