Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tortie Tuesday Mews

I am reporting on a tortie tuesday as I had a little
time on the computer.  These are older pictures Mom
took of me helping put together the new cat tree as
she had lots of doctors appointments to see about
her blood work as it looks like she had side effects
to the treatment with an off thyroid result.  She might
have to see another specialist about this.

I overlook Mom like a hawk to make sure she rests up
as all of the appointments are very tiring to her so she
conserves her energy.  It is important to try to stay healthy with
the treatment so it would be quicker towards remission as
then she will be less busy and more time to do fun things again. 

I got some happy news as well with an award
for me by Cathy Keisha for being pawsome.
Last time I passed on an award other kitties
had gotten it so I am giving it out to all of my
pawsome furiends for checking in even when
the blogging has been very limited and being so
supportive as all of this stuff has been happening.