Friday, June 29, 2012

Pawty Next Weekend

After my last post on Mom missed Gotcha Day post
there was a chorus of meows that suggested a regular
House Trashing Pawty to get back for this human oversight.
It will require some secrecy so that Mom is unaware of anything
different, which would mean bunny kicking distractions.

Next Saturday she is going to the farmers market in
Troy for some fresh fruits and vegetables.  This would
be the purrfect time to throw a house trashing that is
sure to surprise my Mom when she gets back home with
all those goodies for herself she would have to do a whole
bit of cleanup once home.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miffed Tortie Tuesday

I am miffed at Mommy because she did not have time
to make a post and party for my Gotcha Day.  She
said that she meant to make one, but that she had buzzy
day with the light treatment and other things that meant
that she was unable to post about this.
Mom said that it would be made up when my birthday
comes later this year and that she got me a large stuffed
cat fish for mine Gotcha Day as well as some gooshy food
of cod, salmon, and other fisheses.
  It was a start, but I still 
ignored her for this transgression of not throwing a huge
pawtry for me and instead only a small little home celebration.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sunbeam Sighting

I have purrfected the art of the spotting different
sunbeams that I use even when I am in the midst
of other activities.  In this case I was just lounging
next to the edge of the bed and rocking chair when
I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.
Once I spotted this I went around the chair to the best
place to experience such a great sunbeam.
The sun had hit the vertical blinds at just the right
spot for the first summer ultimate sunbean in our
home that comes from our house facing the South that
provides all types of different sunbeams in the house. 

I just had to sit in front of the window for this beam
as it was a full service sunbeam. Besides a sunbeam 
this window also holds other treasures such as tweaty
birds that are able to come very close so I can meap
at them. I am always on the lookout for the sunbeams
and I know that now in the summer this window has the 
best chance for these unique beams. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feline Service Announcement-Cat Domination

Furiends I have news on our plan at world domination
we have serious competition from the dogs who
have recently purrsuded humans to use them in
mystery books.  Where we used to be the ones
with the knowledge and skill to guide the humans on the trail of the murder
in  these mysteries.  There are now some of the new works produced in the last year
that have dogs take over as those type of guides. 
This cover looks like it would involve a cat doesn't it,
but it does not through the book was still enjoyable read.
From the description we were not expecting a central
role for Honeybelle as she was the Aunts cat to
the main character, but besides over a few mentions. 
It then turns out the main character was 
allergic to cats and got a dog familiar instead named Mungo the Magnific
as a super smart guide that used to be our role.
The dogs are taking over our roles and just as we though there 
was victory in our cause with Sparkle birth month celebration
of Cat World Domination.  We need to keep due diligence to the
dog usurpers that do not take our place

Monday, June 18, 2012

Private Time

There are times when I just like a little time to 
myself to enjoy the simple things in life like a
bag and additional handle to rub against at the
same time.  Through Mom sometimes Mom asks
me questions during this personal time to see what I am doing,

I know she just being curious and helpful to see if I
might need anything else, but this was a private time.
So I put my head directly on the bags to continue
rubbing it against them while ignoring my Mom to get a
better chance of some private time with the bags.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cat-O-Lympics-Balance Beam

                                           I am getting ready for the Olympics by trying
out one of my routines that involves using the
computer chair as a balance beam.  It is a short expanse
of space, but the level of difficulty came from the height
away from the ground and chance of movement.
First I survey the ground as I want to determine the safety
Once at the top I just sit there it is best to get the lay
of the land before committing to a routine.  I just need
to do this for a while before coming with my
purrfect routine.  As you can see the bed is my safety
point for the time when I finally do my Cat-O-Lympic Routine

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tortie Tuesday-Paper Edition

I was able to knock one of the ads off of the dining room
table and am currently guarding it from Mom who does
not want me to be playing with this piece of paper because
it has some type of human use or some such thing.  It is a
huge piece of paper, but I did not get to keep it

I stayed near there because there were a couple of other
sheets of paper that I managed to knock down through
Mom was looking.  I had to bide my time with a bit 
of weaving until she moved on so that I could properly
enjoy the fun of chewing on papers it took much self control, but
I did it.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


It is very hot out in the house even though
it is only June and the blinds are closed.  In
order to beat the heat I've been spending a lot of
time in the bathroom as it is one of the two rooms
with cool tiles

Chillin in the bathroom also gives a time
to explore various areas of the house again
from my usual routes.  It adds a little variety to
chill in the bathroom.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Statue in Repose

I have been enjoying my box in different ways
and one of the ways that gets the most attention
is my statue look where I hold very still to look around
the room.   It is the most dignified pawsition and 
gets a lot of the attention from Mom.
This pawsition is my gargoyle since I am just
like those ones that are on all those buildings.
I try out all different ones all the time making sure
to mimic the behavior as it gets the Moms attention away 
from anything else.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Intangible Willow

I think of my self as transparent as I must surely 
be that when I go right up to Moms face to
see her.  There is no other explanation for this habit.

Right there must be another reason that Mom 
sometimes tries to move me a bit away from
her face.  It cannot possibly be that she is unable
to see through me.

After all we cats have some unique powers 
that we do not tell the humans.