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Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm Rollin'

on the carpet as now that I am comfortable in this place.
I have to let everyone know that I was here and this was
a super easy way to spread my furs and make it my own.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Back to Blogging

Meow, I'm back it was longer than I thought it was
going to be as after moving Mom was feeling sickly
and was horking so I took care of her and make
sure that she got rest to get better.  Now that she 
is feeling  more peppy and we are settled into the
new place I could blog again. 
Its been pretty interesting looking at the place after the
first days of staying under the bed as there are now
a different things I notice including a fridge I never 
knew that such a thing was here before through Mom
moves me away from it when I try to walk into it when it is open

I am very happy to see all of my furiends again after
this break.  I can't wait to tell about all the new stuff
here. Purrs

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Birthday Pawty

Mom spent an extra long play session with one of my all time
favorite toys today in honor of my 9th birthday.  We played
tug of war and I won as it was my birthday and I do not
think that Mom was playing her hardest.  I am looking forward
to this birthday as at 9 I am a Senior Catizen so a wise Lady
who could impact my knowledge to the younger kitten generation

Mom prepared a small feasts for our furiends and there 
are several bins in the living room for the move so there
is plenty of places to play and if you stay later the kits would
hopefully be coming for Halloween Trick-or-Treating
So purrs to fun and excitement on my Halloween Birthday Pawty!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Soopervisor Extrodiare

I have a very important job in the coming weeks as
an moving soopervisor as Mom is moving us to a new place.
She found a much place that is better for us with much more
pros especially with maintenance which Mom said was 
very much like pulling teeth in things not getting done here.
It will take all of my skills to make sure this goes smoothly
since she has to be in the new place at the end of November.
My job as soopervisor Extrodinare is very important as I am responsible 
for making sure everything goes right so blogging is going to few 
until moving to the new place.  Mom promised for my good job that she will 
have a small birthday pawty on October 31st  when I turn 9 purrs.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy ''Tockober

Happy Tockober  to all.  Today is Derby's birthday
and as a celebration of this special day I am once again
displaying my juicy 'tocks for one and all to admire.
Throgh this time I made sure in these picture to keep my modesty
after Mom so rudely posted showing my number 13 in front
of my furiends. 

I meowed about the beauty of the artistic' tock shot
after all a girl has to be modest with her booty or else 
all the mancats would faint so I posed from the sideviews
to get the purrfect 'tock picture for this 'Tockober.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Easy Sunday Award

The lovely tuxie Katie Isabella has given me
an award for  having One Sweet Blog.  Mom
and me love watching Cupcakes Wars together
so this award is extra sweet for us to see all the nifty
animal from cupcakes.

For once I am following the rules and drawing inside
the line and it states that I should state who gave me the award
and then award to five blogs that I think are sweet:

Now I am going to take a little Easy Sunday nap
as I spent the week making sure to keep Mom on
track following her everywhere so I will enjoy a nice
long sleepy on the couch.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Protective Mom

There are times when Moms can be so protective
especially when she does Mom things like wipe a
tear from my eye or fix my bedhead.  She even tells
me when I have smutz on my fur before fixing it before
I have a chance to do a little grooming on that spot.
 Mom means well and stuff, but I am almost
a senior catizen so I can totally handle this stuff on my own
I'm an expert on purrsonal grooming.  Even though she's
sometimes does things I can do I love how she that
she does a lot of protective stuff cause she loves me.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Mom says that I have gotten scarily smart lately as
I am nearing nine years old.  I have realized many 
different things like time as I am more aware when
certain times of the day like when Mom gets home or
when dinner is ready and I meow when she asks if 
I want some noms or treats.  What is especially smart
is how I direct her hand with my paw to where I 
want pets.  
It should come to no surprise to Mom that I am very smart,
but I think she is wondering how I have become so much more
vocal and observant as I became older and wiser that makes
Mom think that I have gotten to be scary-smart! 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shiny Distractions

Has you ever been in the middle of doing something
only to get caught up by a more interesting thing
that totally distracts from the destination that was the original
intention.  Its hard to stay on course when there are so many
things to smell and then you just have to investigate everything
else there despite going to the window a little birdie and human tv
Of course those little figurines are sometimes more interesting than
window as bird tv gets on the fritz and the other things are always
there for a perusal and a sniff before it is time for the next 
stop to see what other type of fun there might be.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Talented Thursday

I love to do little gymnatics feats of rolling over throughout
my house. It is my zen and a small talent that I purrfected
over the years.  By doing this I bring a little bit of happiness
to Moms world as this is the way to show I trust her.
While I do have some cool talent I have to give out a meow
to a group that Sparkle showed on her blog, Tuna and the Rock Cats.
This group of cats are a really real rock group that tours
throughout the US on bus, but this bus is breaking apart
and they need help so they are using the kickstarter campaign
where they need $28,000 byOctober 28th. They are 22% towards
their goal.  I believe that they do a wonderful service of speading happiness
and hope to make aware the kickstarter website to donate to
so they can keep bringing happiness with their talented troop.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Detour

 I discovered a new route in the house it is a bit
of a detour rather than the straight path that went past the tv.
I used to go that way because I amintangible, but it
was not fair to Mom as it must be a special cat ability that
is she is unable to do, so in order to be a good girl I take this
more complex route to the warm box 

I get to do lots of jumping from the ground
to the bigger box where I measure before jumping
down to my ultimate goal, while doing something very
nice for Mom if she happens to be watching a show.
It might take a bit more work to go the long way around to
the box, but it is worth it and the best part is that I get to
hang out on the special box purrs. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thinking of You

I am very thankful to Oui Oui for me giving me the Thinking of You award.  Since Mom is bad at awards we made sure to paraphase what the purpose of this award so that we would do it right.

For the "Thinking of You" Award, I must link back to Nerissa who designed this lovely award.  Then I have to tell 7 things about ourselves, and pass it along.

1. I know when Mom does a full litter change and whenever this happens I sit near the litter doing what Mom terms the kitty potty dance and pounce once she is done to make in the new litter right as she is finishing pouring in the new litter.

2. I hold Mom down when she sleeps at night I want to sleep with her even though she moves a lot so I use my weight to make sure she stays still.

3. I am very paw-centric cat in general and.....

4. When I groom I spend a lot of time on my paws including chewing on each of the nails to make them sharp.

5. I am able to get Mom to open the window even for a little bit in the morning when it is cold I just look at her and the window and put her in a trance to open it up.

6. When jumping down I have to look a lot over the edge before deciding when the right time to jump.

7. I like to change my mind often doing different things like more meowing or going to a new place in the house in order to confuse Mom so she never knows that she never knows what I like best.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Gots Royal Mail

Mom won the Cat and Crow giveaway from CatAustin 
all the way over the pond.  The package was intriguing
and I was very excited about getting it open that 
I was too impatient so Mom was unable to get a good 
picture of the package and royal seal of Queen Elizabeth II.

Once Mom took out the canvas Cat and Crow tote
bag I immediately jumped atop it and begame looking
to pull out the rest of it as Mom was obviously not 
going at a fast enough pace.  

Even though it was mostly a prize pack for humans
Austin was thoughtful and sent over a container of cat
toys in this really cool box.  Mom said playing with the toys
would come later because it was time for the main attraction.

It was time to look at The Cat and Crow book which had a signature
 inside from the author.  I found the book to be most exciting
and tried to read it by rubbing against it with my head. 

When Mom went to show me and read the card from them I grabbed
it out of her hand and made my own unique mark on the
card before Mom reminded me that we have not read what
Austin and his Mom said and that if I ripped it up this
would be not be very nice.

As you could see my teeth made a great impression on
the note.  Thanks so much Mom and I love everything
and after I made sure to roll all over the bag I played with 
the cat toys that Austin gave.  Over the next few nights
Mom is going to read this most wonderful story of
inter-species furiendship to me.  Thanks again for having
this giveaway purrs Willow

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

White Wednesday

People in fashion say that wearing white after Labor Day
is a major No-No.  But I don't listen to those people after all
my fur suit is in all year long and looks much more snazzier than
most things that some of the fashionistias wear on the runway.

So I just tell them to talk to the paw and let me 
be myself afterall no cat is held to human rules.

Update on Mom's Human Vet: The New York Doctor
better explained that this will be a lifetime thing as
no cure or remission yet as it is very rare and slow,
 but that doing good on this regimen right now. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cat Sitter Blues

♫ ♪♪ I've got the Cat Sitter Blues
the lying on the floor wallowing blues
Yeaaaah I've got the Cat  Sitter coming to my house blues
All cause Mom has to leave me 
Cat Sitter Blues ♪♪♫

Mom told me to get ready for the Cat Sitter on Monday
as she would be gone most of the day to New York City.
She says that she does not want to go, but that it is
necessary to see how well she is doing with her cancer
treatment to see if they need to change the regiment.
The cat sitter is really a nice neighbor with her own cat
I'm just with the blues because of her being gone and worrying
about her as she goes again to see the experts about her cancer

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pooped Out

I am beyond pooped as I spent
the whole wide weekend  helping my Mom clean
up the house.  I also made sure to help her in filling
out an application for another library job.  So I
decided that  I just needed to
take a little R & R for myself.  Just because it 
was labor day weekend does not mean that 
there should be so much labor on the cats part. 
After all how are we supposed to keep up our
energy for helping Mom if we do not take our
required 14 hour nap which is why I am planning
on a long nap on this Tortie Tuesday
 to rev up my feline fuel tank.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

(Indoor) Garden Tour

Did you know that I haz a green thumb through this
plant is much older than me at twenty-one years old
I helped Mom with it making it the jungle beauty that it
is today.  What I do is some maintenance checks for 
new buds as without me these buds would not know what to do. 

I haz a plant that I took care of by myself as it is up 
at cat height and what I do is a lot of scent marking
as this would help to make this little one grow as big as 
its furiend.  Cause everything is much better when its
helped by our cat powers and scents.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Snug As A...

bug in a rug.  This is what Mom said  when
she saw my ear peaking out from between the blankets
and quilt after she came back from food shopping. I had
went into the quilts in order to have a snug little cat nap
while Mom was away.

Mom was good in that she did not disturb me and
went to another room to do stuff until I came 
sauntering up out of the room as she knows the code
of the cat in terms of cat naps and human beds

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Special Pettin' Spot

Its been a little while since Mom and I had a good petting
session.  We have done pettin', but it was a bit since 
there was a longer time of pets with lots of meows of happiness.
Just recently Mom found a special spot right on my neck that made
me go into super pet mode of demanding more and using 
my paws to direct Mom for more pets.

I also twisted  around in order to better direct the pettin'.
Mom was able to reach both my neck and chin 
where I enjoyed the ultimate in pettin' with lots of mews
and purrs and licks for Mom

Monday, August 20, 2012

Furiendly Gossip

I'm took some time to talk to Sealia here for a little bit
of gossip as we were both chillaxing again behind the
rocking chair.  It was nice little chat and she gave out
some juicy tidbits of information about the goings on
and I told her of the outer rooms of the house including
some good places for swimming, which I do not like
but she might appreciate.
Through the gossip ended when I noticed that there 
was the flashy box after all its hard to get good gossip
with another ear listening into the conversation.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursdays 'Tocks

Mom took some more unathorized pictures now
she took one of my tortie tocks when I was going
into the hole of the cat tree.  She said she was just
happy that I took to this part of my tree as it was the
one area I avoided as I like the other part of my tree.
Its very embrassing as some private parts are visible for
all to see.
I might have to repirmand her through I am bad at that
as I went to her and started purring very sweetly and
differently than I did before.  I need to rethink things
as I am obviously missed one of the steps of human
training to purr after such indiginity.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Easy Sunday Interruptus

I was taking it very easy on the pillow of the bed
for a bit of a nap that was interrupted by Mom
who came and stuck the camera right in my face.
Mom says that I was cutes with the way I was
using the pillow and wanted to catch it right quick
I Ppfed at her as obviously I was taking a cat nap
when she came and knew this beforehand.  And I also gave
a strong stinkeye so that she knows that its rude to
do this.  Hopefully other Easy Sundays would not be
so rudely interrupted by the camera.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

World Cat Day

Happy World Cat Day to all of my
furiends.  Today is our day of celebrating and to
do this in Cat Blogosphere Style
we look to our ambassador for  this years events
towards Mitalee from Critters in the Cottage
My Mom got into the spirit of Cat Day by giving
me the paper bag to play with.  Usually we
do not have these types of bags but Mom gone
to the pharmacy to get medicine and they gave
the huge bag that I went into total bliss over
It was more potent than how I am on with
nip.  Paper is mine nip of choice as it makes
me super excited and I am happy mine Mom gave
me this as a way to celebrate World Cat Day