Sunday, June 23, 2013

Str-e-e-e-tching Exercising

I am enjoying a good str-e-e-etch as part of my
exercise rotuine.  After all this is how I keep fit
including my tail exercises.  This is  the way to 
have a happy tail as well as preparing for
different athletic feats of cat.
When str-e-e-etching it is important to go through different
positions to get the most efficient str-e-e-ches as well
as a prop like string to get the motiviation for some really
unique moves!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sniffer Extraordinaire

I have an extraordinary sniffer and love to investigate
everything of Moms especially if it has a strong scent.
 Sniffing Moms shoes is always intriguing as they have
such interesting stories to tell.  I get deep into my
work and make sure to take note of all the unique scents.
Once Mom takes off her shoes I head right over to 
investigate the scents and see what she was up to during
the day.  Going in head first tells me whats up even though
Mom says that it is stinky I still think it gives me much 
useful info on Moms day.