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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bee Line to Yummies

I have a keen sense of time like knowing to be near
the door to greet my Mom when she comes home from
work.  But especially I always know when it is time to
eat and come to the kitchen expectantly when it is time
cause it would be impolite to keep Mom waiting.
Afterall being a good polite kitty means being on
time for meals and make everyone very happy.
These are some of the most favorite times a day
besides pettings and playings with Mom which is why
I make a bee line to the yummies and start in.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Couchway Stroll

When I am in the mood for a leisurely stroll I go on
the couchway.  There are many places to go and things to do on
this journey with all of the cushions available for play or else
just time to take it all in and enjoy a happy.
As you can see my tail is super wagging as I really enjoyed
the stroll on the couch.  It gives me a different perspective of 
the room and with the couchway I can take the time to really
appreciate the surroundings and take it all in.
After the stroll I like to sit and relax and sometimes
get a little pet if someone is sitting on the couch.  This
is when the couchway is the best cause there are then
plenty of attention which makes the journey ten times better.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shadow Cat

When looking at bird tv in the new place I try to become
Shadow cat as the reception in the new neighborhood
is a bit more static than where I used to live so I need to
be a bit more stealthy so that they would come here to visit.

I do not want to scare away the new birdies as I want
to watch some good birdie tv.  Even though the tv is
more static I love the tv screen as it is much more room
to roam around the elevated screen than the old place
as this is a favorite way to view activity.

Through birdie tv is less there are other interesting things
on the big screen and I can not wait for spring as maybe
the static would clear and there would be a better chance
for some quality birdie tv.