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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Power of the Claw

My claws tend to be unsheathed a lot of the time as
I believe in the power of the claw.  There is so much
that the claws can express and show as when I am
sleepy they are used in my dream as a mighty hunter
chasing the elusive prey.

Leaving the claws out makes it easy to go over any
type of terrain.  It also helps to make the maximum
amount of a stretch so more square acres of carpet is
used than would be possible without the use of claws.
Has anyone used their power in unique ways?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Photo Hunt: Together

My Mom and I have a special realtionship of working together
to help each other.  She knows the best spots to pet me to
make my motor rumble and the purring relaxes Mom and
makes her happy.  

We work together to heal things like my ear ouchie or
to be a nurse for Mom when she needs me.  With
the upcoming consultation for whether she
 should needs surgery this Wednesday there is a lot of 
rumbling purrs in the house. 
Time together is welcomed with a generous amount
of purrs and scritches.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sunbeam Tactics

Sometimes there might only be a thin sliver of sunbeam
in the house, but that does not mean that it is impossible
to enjoy.  If the quantity of sunbeams are low then one must
become inventive to employ different tactics.  Quality
bliss can be reached with only a little bit of light.
Sunning under the chin is an excellent way to
catch those singular sunbeams.  This spot is one
of my most favorites scritching spots because of the
sensitivity and the magic of the sunbeam works in
the same way. It causes a blissful state of peace when
there are no large sun patches. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Treat Thursday

My Mom gave me a special treat for being such a
good girl in letting her tend to my Ouchie.  She was proud
of me and pleased that it is beginning to heal.  I got a Grandma
Lucy freeze dry treat.  This treat is meticulously prepared since I
like my treat presented in tiny flakes to be better able to eat.

She uses the container to mash a piece of freeze dry
treat in a paper towel.  After crushing it for about 30 seconds
she checks to see the consistency of the flakes. 

When the flakes are a size that I approve of I will
then be presented with the treat on the carpet. I love
this treat. A short film was made of me enjoying the treats
  If the sound is turned up my purring
might be heard as I lick up the flakes. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ear Ouchie

We found out why the monster fly was able to force me
to retreat under the bed.  The bug was more viscous than
we thought.  Mom knew that it liked to go near ears from personal experience,
but she did not know that it made my ear bleed from a bite or maybe me
trying to use my claws to shoo it away.  No wonder I thundered to the safety
of the bed every time it got close I was protecting my inner ear from danger.
 When I was having a purring session on Mom's leg Tuesday she saw this ouchie
that was not there before the bug and realized that he also went near my ear.

I let her hold me while she got out the cat wipes and a teeny
tiny bit of cream for the ouchie.  I purred when Mom
treated it as this felt really well as she was careful as she put
it on. And the fly got deaded by my Mom who saw it this
Tuesday morning and whacedk it with a newspaper.  I love my
Mom as she is a protector and she loves my protective
purry instincts as well.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tortie Tuesday

I am trying to get through the computer this tortie tuesday
so I can directly say a tortie hello when I
visit everyone.  I know if these keys were gone that there
would be a passage to be able to get connected to
everyone.  It is just going to take time and effort to
work on all of the keys.  It will also need to be done in secrecy
since Mom said No when I started this job.

So I changed tactics to grooming the keyboard since
my Mom believes that this is a cute thing to do.  She
goes aw anytime I groom. This way I will be able
to distract her with cuteness , while accessing the computer
control that beams my words through the blogosphere.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monster Fly

There was a monster fly that came into my house.
It must have come through the open window and
it has been teasing me.  It has forced me under the bed
by how close to my face it is going while still going so fast.
I was so embarrassed as I hunted numerous other bugs.

Mom said not to worry this one was very vicious
and fast so there was no way to get him.  She tried to
go after the fly with a newspaper because it was going
right next to her ear.  This fly is just too fast and
it made me run sixty-a -billion times under the bed.  I
did not want to go under there, but each time I went
out it was relentless.  Thankfully it seems to have disappeared
through I did have a little sulk over how I should be the hunter
not the huntee.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Easy Sunday

This weekend the Heat that has been in the South
has traveled North for an extended stay.  I am taking
my cue from Brian and other kitties and napping throughout
the house as it is too tiring to do any playing or thundering
elephants in the house.  With this plan I will explore the various
beds for short little cat naps.  First I will spend time on my purr pad.
Then I will rest in my Mom's bed so there could be
some cuddle time with my nap.  A good petting
by the Mom when I am napping causes me to give
cute little snores while I sleep.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photo Hunt: Patch

My tortie coloration produces a lot of patchwork patterns
in my fursuit.  The patches are different sizes some
small splashes of color and other are larger. These patches
usually represent the spots that are best for pettings 
and Mom thinks they are directly connected to my purr centers.

This patch of black fur ion my chin is a purrfect area
to get a scritch as it would get my motor revving up
to the sound of a car starting.  All of these patches
are done to help guide the humans to the best places
and I display them when I want to get attention from my Mom.

Here I have a large patch of black that I am displaying
to Mom for a scratch as it one of my favorite spots.
This patch of fursuit is more ruffly than the other and
is great for mussing  scritch and then a smoothing pet from Mom.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Femme Fatale Feline

Sammy, Andy, and Shelly's Mom made this fantastic hat for
me. I love how this pose gives me a look of intrigue as
if I was a Femme Fatale in the old detective movies.
In order for those to get an answer from me they would
need to give me a lot of treats.
Rumbling Purrs

Cat Tutorial-On Flashy Boxes

A lot of flashy box companies do not understand
how bright the light is on their box and do not have
any settings to make us comfortable.  This is wrong as the flash causes
a lot of disturbances in my routine where I have to move myself
to a new spot as to not see spots in front of my eyes.
Nikon understands us cats as their Coolpix S3100
provides a resource to stop the flash part of the flashy box.
On the back of the camera there is a scene button where
the human can choose between a bunch of options
of what type of picture from: Nighttime pictures to Buildings.
And the best option is the Pet Portrait that has an image
of a cat to represent this choice.  Nikon knows all about our needs
as there is no flash so I can continue to look at Mom while
it is pointed in my face.  The camera adds extra light no
flash is ever again needed to bother the cats of the internet.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Human Training

I had to retrain my human to remember to check
the settings on her camera to the cat icon that
allows for pet portraits to be taken without the flash.
I was in the middle of a groom-nap when the flashy
box went off and interrupted my process. This made me
get up and remind my Mom to look at the settings. 
I do not know why my Mom forgot to reset the pet setting that
specifically had a picture of a cat on it.  The training process
is constant as they always seem to forgot what has been
previously learned in the past. Though they might need
the occasional retraining the benefits of a Mom are worth it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Purr Purr Whtp Purr Purrrr MMeowopt to all of my friends
those messages really helped to make us happy.
 My Mom will need to schedule an appointment for consultation
 get surgery on the leg.  They want to cut her open to
 test the gland because they think the skin is overreacting to
what caused the glands to swell.  It will be a little bit of time before this
since they would need to do some talking once before the surgery.

She will not think about this upcoming event since
the appointments are not made yet and I am going to help her with this.
I told her "Here is some tummy for you to admire I
know you love to pet me and admire these picture".  Getting obsessed
about it is not adviseable.
Purrry Purr Meow Meap Willow

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tortie CAT-Scan

I am performing a tortie CAT-Scan on my Mom so
she does not have to make an appointment to get one
done.  I told her that she is both lickable and purr worthy,
but she said that the human V-E-T said that her glands were
swollen and the scan would see where the biospy surgery
will should be done to see why they are so swollen.

She told me not to worry about the scan as he
said that this future appoinment was just to test to
see why they are swollen and that it might help with her skin.
I think that my CAT-Scan is much better than any humans through
if making the appointment her feel better and may explain
her skin problem so I will allow
her to do it.  I would be more relaxed if she could do it at
home, but she will be gone until late afternoon.  Those
humans they are so hard to take care of.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Squashed Ears

I love to lay down in a position that causes my ears
to be squashed down.  This is very comfortable even
though when other people see it they say how can this
not give her a headache.  Humans just do not understand. 

Being in this position gives a whole new prespective
on the world as well as being a subsitute for nip. It
gives me a purry feeling when I am turned upside down
with my ears squashed down..
So I continue to do it even though it puzzles people.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Don't Mess With Your Kitty

This is my contribution to  Mr. Puddy's meme about getting even with my Mom.
Normally I am a forgiving kitty when  my Mom acts badly
through there was this one time that I had to teach my 
Mom an important lesson. She had accidently bumped 
into me when I dashed past her in the living room she had said
she was sorry, but that was not enough because it was rude of her to not
check out the floor traffic to see if it was clear. 
I made a hurmp noise to express my disappointment in Mom
for not looking down to make sure that the path was clear.
Even though I was dashing past that particular path that does not matter.
I had the right of way in this situation and she bumped into me
so I taught her a little lesson about watching where she walks. 
Every time that Mom thinks of getting up to go and pet me to remind her to be more careful.
I will move a little away from her so she would remember to look down.  She loves our petting time
and this way she knew she did sometime wrong. She should never mess
with the kitty the consequences were a shunning from me for about an hour
until I caved and come back to her for a pet and a purr. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

PhotoHunt 274: Backwards

I am moving myself backwards in order to perform a
trick to get a treat from my Mom.  In order to fully 
stand up on my two back paws I must go from a sitting
position to standing up on with one paw raised.  

It takes practice to move backwards without any
assistance.  I do it each time so I been able to move
backwards very quickly, which is why I am fuzzy
in the first two picture since I moved backwards really fast. 

In this trick it is important to look imploring at the Mom
for a faster delivery of a Greenie. While moving backwards takes
a lot of work it is worth it for the treats and praise that I
get from my Mom for being a Good Girl.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Queen of the Castle

I spend a lot of time on top of my cat tree and think of
it as my castle.  It is adorned by several cushions which
are put there for my comfort so I would not be sitting
on top of a simple cup and instead I become a Queen
who surveys her Queendom.

As a proud ruler I get regular adoration from my subjects
where I bask in the praise of  being a good girl.  Being a
ruler is a tasking job so I spend a little bit of time just resting
on the castle.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful that my Mom does not move me
when I have gotten comfortable on her bed.  She lets
me stay even when there is no more room for her on the
bed until I get tired and move to give room for her to
get onto the bed with me.

When I am on the bed she also makes sure not to move
because I tend to leave the room.  Movement makes
the napping hard so I trained my Mom to be still when
I rest on top of her. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Yoga Itch

My ears sometimes gets an itch that just need a good scratch. 
This requires a bit of a yoga move because I want to be
gentle with them and feel the relief of a good scratch.  So I
tilt my head back so my back paws with the naturally duller
nails can do this delicate job. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tortie Feather Duster

My furs pick up a lot of lint when I roll on the floor.
Because of this fact one of my nicknames is Tortie Feather Duster.
 I got that name because I manage to collect lint whenever 
I go on a roll on the carpet even after the whole thing has been
sucked up by the vacuum monster. I have magic fur that
attracts white lint. 
My mom makes sure to wipe me around after a roll
so that I would not accidently eat any lint for safety reasons.
She does a good job as in this second picture the lint
has been removed from my fur. So I can once again
enjoy a relaxing roll on the floor.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Grooming Tails

I like to do a lot of my personal grooming on my Mom's
bed since it  provides a lot of space to get the uncooperative
parts like my tail that has a mind of  it's own when grooming.  The 
bed provides room to wrestle the tail into submission.  First
my paws move slowly so as not to scare the tail away. 

Once I capture my tail I pin it to the bed with my two
front paws and begin grooming it with my tongue before
it gets a chance to go away.  This time I managed to give my
tail a good grooming before it got the chance to leave, which
led me to Purr, Purr, Purr while grooming.  I was very happy
with my tails behavior and resulting spiffiness.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

I have been very busy this week soopervising Mom and making
sure that everything in the house is up to my satisifaction.  I even
made sure to inspect the food shopping that was done to see if she
brought anything for me.  There are times when she says yes there
is toys or litter, but most of the time she says there is nothing for
cats inside the shopping bags.

I am resting this Sunday to regain my energy for the coming
week of soopervistion.  I will be napping intermediately
throughout the day as of right now I am getting ready for a
nice rest by producing a mighty yawn before the nap. 
Hope you all have a nice restful Sunday

Saturday, July 9, 2011

PhotoHunt 273: Near

I love hunting and have been successfully hunting bugs
that sneak into the windows during the summer. I wanted
to expand my hunting techniques by participating in the Photo Hunt.
This weeks photohunt is NEAR
I got NEAR the camera lens and captured the little dots where
my whiskers grow from.  I  was examining the lens when this picture
was taken.  When getting NEAR the camera it is possible to play
with the little strap that is on the camera.

Being NEAR the camera gives many opportunities to play with
the little strap.  I enjoy getting NEAR the camera when it is out
I MEOW at it and come towards it to start the fun.

P.S. Brian's Home blog keeps kicking me out before I could
read or comment on it.  Is there any other cat that is having this problem.