Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday-Post 220

I am very thankful to my furiends for
following me and being here on my 220th post
even when I have been spotty with posting
and participation with events. I love the community
and all the stuff done with furiends and how kind you are
with awards and comments.  And two awards I got recently
show how great everyone is.
 Basil the Bionic Cat gave me the Friends & Followers award
that  reflects the best part of being part of the blogging community
with getting to know all new furiends from around the world.
Katie Isabella gave the purrfect award as a lover of 
boxes I like boxes even tiny ones that a paw would fix into.
And finally what better way to celebrate furiends
and boxes is with a vintage box picture where I am
just chillaxing with maximum level of comfiness.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sleepy Sunday

Yawn I am a very tired kitty which is why my laser is
only at a low setting as I am saving energy.  I am using
Mom as a bed which is why the bed is lumpy when
I sleep on her she has to be very still as moving is a 
total no-no when being a bed for a sleepy Sunday.
When I sleep sometimes I make a snore purring noise that
Mom loves cause this means that I am having sweet dreams

Friday, January 3, 2014

Finally Friday Fun

Uff.. I am getting in a nice big stretch getting ready for
some fun playtime with Mom.  Before having Finally
Friday Fun it is impawtant to be limber cause that makes
 the play that much more entertaining. I am especially
making sure that my paws and tail are stretched to
get the maximum action for playtime
I am telling Mom to hurry up and put down the camera
so that playtime can start. Does any of Mew want to join
in a little fun too?