Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Birthday Pawty

Mom spent an extra long play session with one of my all time
favorite toys today in honor of my 9th birthday.  We played
tug of war and I won as it was my birthday and I do not
think that Mom was playing her hardest.  I am looking forward
to this birthday as at 9 I am a Senior Catizen so a wise Lady
who could impact my knowledge to the younger kitten generation

Mom prepared a small feasts for our furiends and there 
are several bins in the living room for the move so there
is plenty of places to play and if you stay later the kits would
hopefully be coming for Halloween Trick-or-Treating
So purrs to fun and excitement on my Halloween Birthday Pawty!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Soopervisor Extrodiare

I have a very important job in the coming weeks as
an moving soopervisor as Mom is moving us to a new place.
She found a much place that is better for us with much more
pros especially with maintenance which Mom said was 
very much like pulling teeth in things not getting done here.
It will take all of my skills to make sure this goes smoothly
since she has to be in the new place at the end of November.
My job as soopervisor Extrodinare is very important as I am responsible 
for making sure everything goes right so blogging is going to few 
until moving to the new place.  Mom promised for my good job that she will 
have a small birthday pawty on October 31st  when I turn 9 purrs.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy ''Tockober

Happy Tockober  to all.  Today is Derby's birthday
and as a celebration of this special day I am once again
displaying my juicy 'tocks for one and all to admire.
Throgh this time I made sure in these picture to keep my modesty
after Mom so rudely posted showing my number 13 in front
of my furiends. 

I meowed about the beauty of the artistic' tock shot
after all a girl has to be modest with her booty or else 
all the mancats would faint so I posed from the sideviews
to get the purrfect 'tock picture for this 'Tockober.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Easy Sunday Award

The lovely tuxie Katie Isabella has given me
an award for  having One Sweet Blog.  Mom
and me love watching Cupcakes Wars together
so this award is extra sweet for us to see all the nifty
animal from cupcakes.

For once I am following the rules and drawing inside
the line and it states that I should state who gave me the award
and then award to five blogs that I think are sweet:

Now I am going to take a little Easy Sunday nap
as I spent the week making sure to keep Mom on
track following her everywhere so I will enjoy a nice
long sleepy on the couch.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Protective Mom

There are times when Moms can be so protective
especially when she does Mom things like wipe a
tear from my eye or fix my bedhead.  She even tells
me when I have smutz on my fur before fixing it before
I have a chance to do a little grooming on that spot.
 Mom means well and stuff, but I am almost
a senior catizen so I can totally handle this stuff on my own
I'm an expert on purrsonal grooming.  Even though she's
sometimes does things I can do I love how she that
she does a lot of protective stuff cause she loves me.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Mom says that I have gotten scarily smart lately as
I am nearing nine years old.  I have realized many 
different things like time as I am more aware when
certain times of the day like when Mom gets home or
when dinner is ready and I meow when she asks if 
I want some noms or treats.  What is especially smart
is how I direct her hand with my paw to where I 
want pets.  
It should come to no surprise to Mom that I am very smart,
but I think she is wondering how I have become so much more
vocal and observant as I became older and wiser that makes
Mom think that I have gotten to be scary-smart!