Monday, February 18, 2013

Simple CatLoaf

I have a very simple recipe for making a 
catloaf that I purrfected over the years. It is 
super yummy delicious at least my Mom says so.
It does not require a lot of time like some other
more advanced positions and gets many Mom kisses.

But this catloaf is one of the originals and purrfect 
for me.  It is the best in the simplicity that truly

Saturday, February 9, 2013

FSA-Cat Domination News

I've got a feline service announcement about a recent
success that we had in winning a competition to replace
the iron in  MONOPOLY®  with a Cat token that 
had won the internet vote over a robot and some other
choices.  The peeps know how pawsome we are and have 
thus rewarded us in the manner most appeasing.

This has caused a bit of a Cat-is-versy in some
sectors, but those are just jealous of how
well we are slowly taking over everything and just
talking trash.  I say ignore those few and relish how much
closer we have come to fully dominating everything.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spiffing Up

I take spiffing up very seriously as I make sure that 
I am always at my most presentable in any situation
even when resting on my box.  This spiffing is how I am
able to maintain such white socks.
After spiffing up I like to take a little time out to just
enjoy the day and show off my hard work so
that Mom could admire my feetsies and give them a
nice little massage.