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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tortie Feather Duster

My furs pick up a lot of lint when I roll on the floor.
Because of this fact one of my nicknames is Tortie Feather Duster.
 I got that name because I manage to collect lint whenever 
I go on a roll on the carpet even after the whole thing has been
sucked up by the vacuum monster. I have magic fur that
attracts white lint. 
My mom makes sure to wipe me around after a roll
so that I would not accidently eat any lint for safety reasons.
She does a good job as in this second picture the lint
has been removed from my fur. So I can once again
enjoy a relaxing roll on the floor.


  1. O, Willow, you's got tha purrtiest furrs.
    I's a really reddish little tortie, you's like red-orange. Mine sisfur Faith Boomerang is more of a blondie tortie.
    We's all such a purrty bunch.
    I like how yours Mom gets tha lint off of you, you haf her furry well trained.
    Love & Purrs,

  2. I love that your human makes sure to remove all the lint from your fur - that is what I call service!

  3. Please come and roll in our house!

  4. Your mom done a wonderful job and You done a better job..Ha..Ha..She might have to do the job whole day if you keep roll and roll : )

  5. Willow, our mom wants to hire you and have you come dust our house. ;)

  6. Oh Willow, you have such a good Mom to keep that lint off of your furs. We need you to come to our house too to clean. You are going to be so busy. Hope you have a really fine day.

  7. Willow...I am a chocolate, cream and cramel candy bar Tortie. We need to start a calender of beautiful Tortie ladies!

  8. The mom wants to know if you could come here and roll around on our floors, please, to pick up the dirt. Ha!

  9. You are sooooooooooooooo gorgeous, Willow!!!!!!!!


  10. The dust bunnies sure have got to love you!!!

  11. Willow, you are so beautiful! These pictures show off your colors to purrfection!

  12. You're too beautiful to be a feather duster. But if you are really set on being a Tortie feather duster maybe you can visit us? :)

  13. My furs always pick up my sisfurs furs so maybe it's our Tortieness that causes us to be so magnetic!

  14. Oh Willow! I am often dusty and linty. Being a coal-black kitteh is such a burden in that regard! The Human tries to brush me a couple times a day, but somehow I always end up dusty again. Sigh.