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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Easy Sunday

This weekend the Heat that has been in the South
has traveled North for an extended stay.  I am taking
my cue from Brian and other kitties and napping throughout
the house as it is too tiring to do any playing or thundering
elephants in the house.  With this plan I will explore the various
beds for short little cat naps.  First I will spend time on my purr pad.
Then I will rest in my Mom's bed so there could be
some cuddle time with my nap.  A good petting
by the Mom when I am napping causes me to give
cute little snores while I sleep.


  1. We like your plan! We will do the same!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. Looks like sum great snoozin spots! Take it easy. Purrs.

  3. You have some good napping spots, Willow!

  4. Are you sure that's your mom bed , Not yours ?
    MOL. I saw so many toys there, which I guess all are belong to you : )
    Stay Cool my freind
    Have a Lovely Easy Sunday

  5. Excellent plan! We sure like your bed, we mean your mom's bed. You look so sweet all tucked in. :-) Our SneakyPie snores, so does Oliver and sometimes Pungy. But you can hear Oliver from across the room just happily snoring away!

    Enjoy sweet Willow!

  6. I love your purr pad. It looks so comfy..

  7. That is exactly our plan for today. Just remain still. We love all your napping places. Have a great day. Stay cool.

  8. Is there room for your mom in her bed with all your toys taking up lots of room? We bet she's pleased to have you share it with her!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Hey sweet one, we're right there chillaxin too, enjoy your easy!!!

  10. you are so pretty, Willow. I love petting and make little snores too. Mommy loves those.

  11. We're gonna do the same,'s just too hot to play, even with the cold air blowing thingey going. Stay cool!!

  12. Naps are always a good idea, no matter what the weather.

  13. It's a good day for napping!

  14. You know, I kind of secretly like the sleepytime pets and I purr and sometimes snore a tiny little bit when I get them. You look very comfertabuls!

  15. Willow, snoring is very ladylike! We're gonna take our cue from you and nap today...zzzzzz

  16. Hi Willow,
    Mom and Dad have all our shades pulled down...that means the rooms are dark and I love napping in dark cool rooms.
    Looks like you had a very nice place to nap also.
    Hugs Madi

  17. That looks like a great plan for the day Willow! Plus, Mommys are suckers for cute little snores!