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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cat Tutorial-On Flashy Boxes

A lot of flashy box companies do not understand
how bright the light is on their box and do not have
any settings to make us comfortable.  This is wrong as the flash causes
a lot of disturbances in my routine where I have to move myself
to a new spot as to not see spots in front of my eyes.
Nikon understands us cats as their Coolpix S3100
provides a resource to stop the flash part of the flashy box.
On the back of the camera there is a scene button where
the human can choose between a bunch of options
of what type of picture from: Nighttime pictures to Buildings.
And the best option is the Pet Portrait that has an image
of a cat to represent this choice.  Nikon knows all about our needs
as there is no flash so I can continue to look at Mom while
it is pointed in my face.  The camera adds extra light no
flash is ever again needed to bother the cats of the internet.


  1. Wow! REALLY???? I mean, I hate the flashy box on general principle, even when it's not flashy, but this sounds verreh interrrresting. The Human will have to investigate!

  2. We hate the flashy beast too! We make our mommy turn that flash off but her camera doesn't have a picture of a kitty on it. She needs one of those camera!

  3. We came over to visit after seeing you in your beautiful hat. I am going to ask mummy to see if she has that on her camera, that could be very handy :)xx

  4. We gotta get our mom to get one of those flashy boxes. We are tired of getting the flash in our faces!!

  5. Mum doesn't have that on her camera - when she changes it she will look for one with it. We are hoping so cos we are fed up with the flashy box.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Very clever.

    Most of the time the mom prefers not to use the flash, but if she has to, holding a folded up Kleenex over the flash helps to diffuse the light in a pinch. Helpful when full flash would blow out the image.

  7. Great tutorial, Willow....we hope you will visit our blog today and see your hatting!!!!!!!


  8. Hi Willow! I just saw your lovely picture over at SAS and thought I would stop over and say hi! Happy Friday!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Willow..first of all the hat SAS gave you is just lovely.
    OMC Mom has a Coolpix S8100. She doesn't know if it has a pet portrait setting but she is certainly going to check it out.
    Thanks for this great tip.
    Hugs Madi

  10. Mommy will look for that setting on her camera...Daddy has a shade on his flash to diffuse the light. We STILL don't like it!

  11. I think I'll just keep my eyes closed...that will solve that problem!

  12. Hmm. That's sounds interesting. I think my furries are so used to me taking their photos with the flash, it doesn't bother them one bit.

  13. My human prefers to shoot us without flash most of the time, and she has a camera that she can manually adjust (she knows a fair amount about photography). But sometimes she uses flash to balance out lighting - but the flash also has an adjustment so that it is not full strength.

    Honestly, even with all her futzing around (or maybe because of it), I still find modeling for her really annoying.

  14. This is great! I love that you have patches to guide pettings, so cool!