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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

I have been very busy this week soopervising Mom and making
sure that everything in the house is up to my satisifaction.  I even
made sure to inspect the food shopping that was done to see if she
brought anything for me.  There are times when she says yes there
is toys or litter, but most of the time she says there is nothing for
cats inside the shopping bags.

I am resting this Sunday to regain my energy for the coming
week of soopervistion.  I will be napping intermediately
throughout the day as of right now I am getting ready for a
nice rest by producing a mighty yawn before the nap. 
Hope you all have a nice restful Sunday


  1. I can see your human needs some work and a good meowing too, considering that she does not bring home something for you EVERY time she goes shopping!

  2. tell mom even if it's need to have a present every single time she goes out. how hard is it to pick up a new sparkle ball?

  3. Your mom would be lost without you, Willow!

  4. Enjoy your snoozy sweet one, we're about to take it easy too!

  5. Happy Sunday to you and yours, gorgeous Willow.


  6. Enjoy your nap! We have the same plan!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. haf a good rest! I will be doing the same!

  8. Holy COD that is a mighty yawn. Humans are so inept; you must be totally worn out.

  9. Hi Willow...well I'm 9 y.o. and I have 2 years' more experience than you. It is best to always check EVERY bag that enters you domain....I'm just sayin' sometimes the Moms like to hide things from us.
    Happy Sunday
    Hugs Madi

  10. Hi Willow! I almost never find anything good for me in the grocery bags, either. Rats.

  11. Don't you just HATE it when the selfish Humans go out hunting and bring home bags and bags and bags and there's NOTHING for the kitteh?

    Revenge is sweet.