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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Human Training

I had to retrain my human to remember to check
the settings on her camera to the cat icon that
allows for pet portraits to be taken without the flash.
I was in the middle of a groom-nap when the flashy
box went off and interrupted my process. This made me
get up and remind my Mom to look at the settings. 
I do not know why my Mom forgot to reset the pet setting that
specifically had a picture of a cat on it.  The training process
is constant as they always seem to forgot what has been
previously learned in the past. Though they might need
the occasional retraining the benefits of a Mom are worth it.


  1. Your human's camera has a CAT setting?! None of my human's THREE cameras has any such thing! I need to give her a talking to.

  2. Our Mummy has the camera setting ALWAYS ready to take pictures of us. There are hundreds and hundreds of pictures of us and NOTHING of Mummy and Daddy. Harharhar.

    Mummy says neither Felix nor Boomer won the recent battle coz they were distracted when Mummy brought out the food. :)

    Love, Cosmo and Ling

  3. I agree Willow. Training never stops and it can be very tiring. Could you let my Mummy know how to set cat friendly setting for her flashy box please?

    Nishiko xxx

  4. Paw Up ! I Want to answers your question !
    Because you are not a pet, Miss Willow ! You are a dearest furry daughter or AKA mom's boss !..That's why she never do pet setting : )

  5. Our mom needs a setting like that on her flash box! She's always taking our picture using that bright light!!

  6. Our Mom has the same problem. She cannot remember all the things that we try to teach her. Listen, what kind of camera is that that has the cat icon on it? We want one of those. This human here is always scaring us with that darn flashy thing. Hope all of you have one wonderful day.

  7. We've never seen a camera with a cat setting - what make is it? We are always turning away as the light is so bright.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. oooh, mommy wants to know what kind of camera that is...

  9. At least she is being retrained by a pro!!!

  10. My mom don´t have that CAT setting on her camera either :(
    But she is turning the flash off after I have reminded her ;-)

  11. WOW your Mom's flashy box has a special pet pic that is my kind of camera. Does it also have something to keep the flashy out ouf your eyes?
    Hugs madi

  12. Dear Willow,

    I thinks you are doing an excellent job training your Human. Congrats! (My Human is using the pet setting now on our camera to take more shots at once and she doesn't use the flash either.) We enjoyed reading all your posts today from the beginning, you and your Mom have a great relationship, that is awesome. Thanks so much for stopping by my Birthday Comment-a-thon! Did you hear that Lil Em got her forever home today?

  13. Wow. We need to get our Mom to buy a cam like that.

  14. They're a pain but they are worth it... mostly.

  15. Just stopped by. Saw your blog ofur at Sammy, Andy, and Shelley's. My mom(cod luf her) can barely work a camera, much less change it's settings. Training still in progress. Purrs, pretty Willow.