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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Photo Hunt: Together

My Mom and I have a special realtionship of working together
to help each other.  She knows the best spots to pet me to
make my motor rumble and the purring relaxes Mom and
makes her happy.  

We work together to heal things like my ear ouchie or
to be a nurse for Mom when she needs me.  With
the upcoming consultation for whether she
 should needs surgery this Wednesday there is a lot of 
rumbling purrs in the house. 
Time together is welcomed with a generous amount
of purrs and scritches.


  1. What did your Mummy coat her fingers with that's so yummy, Willow?

    Your ear ouchie looks to be healing well. Will send purrs that whatever decision Mummy makes on Wednesday will be for the best. :)

    Happy weekend, pretty girl (and Mummy too!).

  2. Binga does a lot of finger lickin' too - I wonder if it is a tortie thing? Purrs to your human for her consultation this week!

  3. Purrs to your Mommy this week. It's so nice the two of you are so close and there fur each other! xoxo

  4. That extra noise you hear is all of us sending purrs to your Mom too!

  5. Oh Willow, what a good kitty to take care of your Mom like that.We are sending tons and tons of strong purrs for Mom on Wed. We know she will make the right decision. Hope you have a really fine week end.

  6. We are sending double purrs for your mom - we hope she has a good discussion with her consultant on Wednesday.
    Luv and extra purrs Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Together time is very impawtant. We hope your Mom will get good news this week.

  8. What a sweet girl to purr so well for your Mom. We will all purr for her, too!!
    Happy Saturday,
    ~ The Bunch

  9. You and your mom are so cute together Willow! It's nice of you to groom her paws! We're purring for your mom too!

  10. Willow, you two are purrfect for each other! We like your "cleaning cat" technique...some of us are big washers, too.
    We're revving up our Motors for your Mom!

  11. Hi and mom are BFFs for sure....
    We wish her a good doctor's visit on Wed. My peeps will be out of town from Aug 4-6...we hope all goes well,
    hugs madi

  12. you and your mommy remind me of my mommy and I. we have a sweet relationship too. hopw is your ear ouchie sweet girl?

  13. Hi Willow! We just wuz the way you and your Mum get allong. We can tell you guys wuz each other a lot!

    Willow, we are so glad you came to Pungy's Birthday Party! You made the whole thing so much better by being there. Thank you so much.

    Have a good weekend, and take care,

  14. Willow, we like how you and your mom have such a special relationship. And she must have really tasty fingers too!!

  15. Your ear looks so much better ! Your mom looks after you so well Miss Willow. And Miss Willow , I am sending a ton of purrs for your mommy. And I can tell from your video. You are Mommy's soul mate !
    Hugs to both of you