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Monday, July 11, 2011

Grooming Tails

I like to do a lot of my personal grooming on my Mom's
bed since it  provides a lot of space to get the uncooperative
parts like my tail that has a mind of  it's own when grooming.  The 
bed provides room to wrestle the tail into submission.  First
my paws move slowly so as not to scare the tail away. 

Once I capture my tail I pin it to the bed with my two
front paws and begin grooming it with my tongue before
it gets a chance to go away.  This time I managed to give my
tail a good grooming before it got the chance to leave, which
led me to Purr, Purr, Purr while grooming.  I was very happy
with my tails behavior and resulting spiffiness.


  1. Humans have no idea how much trouble tail grooming can be, Willow!

  2. Miss Willow, You must love your tail a lot, I never purrs when I do grooming. Must be girl thing : )

  3. tails are tough especially when they're fluffy :-)

  4. Willow, we like your tail grooming technique!

  5. Willow, you could do an instructional video, you're a master at tail-grooming!

  6. You are very talented in making tutorials, Willow!!!!! We love you, gorgeous gal.

  7. Oh Willow, I have a wandering tail too! I usually capture it in the cube but I'll give your technique a try...kinda sneak up on it this time. You certainly got yours clean!
    xx Rupert

  8. Willow, you are a great tail groomer! Now that I have seen your technique, I understand why your tail is always looking so good.

  9. Hi there Willow. We like how you capture your tail. We will have to give that a try. We are sorry we haven't been to visit but our internet got hit by lightning and killed the phone and the internet and we just got it back this morning. Good to see you again. Take care

  10. Hey, we may have to try that. Some of us are better at tail grooming than others. We won't go naming, but we will say just look at Oliver's tail! It's a mess. It always is.

    Your tail, just like the rest of you Willow, is just lovely.

  11. Tails are unpredictable...

  12. It's frustrating when tails don't behave while grooming!

  13. Mama's bed is the best spot for grooming and sleeping and tussling among other things. She just wont let us eat there :)

    Emma and Buster

  14. Willow! I have the same problem! My tail is like an alien being attached to my behind and it only rarely cooperates with I want to bathe it. It's so huge and floofy it needs to be captured and taught some discipline!