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Friday, July 8, 2011

Cat Lengths

I am thinking about doing some cat redecorating in the living room.
I want to get a new cat tree since my cat tree is fraying from all
of my scratching.  I want to convince my Mom that we can fit
a bigger tree in the house so I am using cat lengths to measure the
area to convince her that this would be a good place for a cat tree.

I am taking the job seriously as there has been no tree that
Mom has liked to get.  She says the house is small and all of
the available trees would overwhelm the small size of our house.
So I need to show her that we have enough room for a larger
tree in the house by continuing to do measurements.


  1. The cat trees would overwhelm the small size of the house?! What kind of silly excuse is that! It SHOULD be big and overwhelming and take up as much space as possible! Why humans think THEY need all the space I will never understand.

  2. You're doing a good job of measuring, Willow. We think your mom should get the biggest cat tree out there because you deserve it!

  3. We think that's an excuse too! We have a 5-foot cat tree from PetSmart in our living room...We have about 400 square feet on the main level, which is open and includes a living, dining and cooking area (can't quite call it a real kitchen). The cat tree fits in nicely in front of the patio door window. The mom actually wanted something taller, but can't find anything else around here!

  4. I totally agree, a cat tree would be purrfect there!!!

  5. know what they say when doing any construction, "measure twice, cut once"!! Well done you are ready.
    Hugs Madi

  6. wait a ding-dang minnit!
    Willow, that's YOUR house! We'll send you a cat tree catalogue and you pick one out. Seriously, look in the CSN store, they have some nice ones.

  7. That is the purrfect place for a big cat tree! Keep working on your mom, she'll come around!

  8. Willow, If there's room for YOU there's room for your furniture! Maybe the Humans could dump a chair or two to make the space for it. They probably have way too much furniture anyway. Send her shopping!

  9. Hey -- P.S. Remind your Human what she named your blog, fer hevvin's sake!

  10. Good luck, Willow. We've been demonstrating what we want around here...we sure hope you are more successful. For certain, that would be an excellent spot for a new tree. Besides, kitty stuff is supposed to fill up the house. Oh, humans! Will they never get it?