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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photo Hunt: Patch

My tortie coloration produces a lot of patchwork patterns
in my fursuit.  The patches are different sizes some
small splashes of color and other are larger. These patches
usually represent the spots that are best for pettings 
and Mom thinks they are directly connected to my purr centers.

This patch of black fur ion my chin is a purrfect area
to get a scritch as it would get my motor revving up
to the sound of a car starting.  All of these patches
are done to help guide the humans to the best places
and I display them when I want to get attention from my Mom.

Here I have a large patch of black that I am displaying
to Mom for a scratch as it one of my favorite spots.
This patch of fursuit is more ruffly than the other and
is great for mussing  scritch and then a smoothing pet from Mom.


  1. Wow, Mom never thought about colors and purrs....Tamir always purrs louder when Mom hits one part of his tummy. She's going to have to watch to see if color makes a difference!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. Miss Willow, that's an interesting theory! We are apt to belief it too! You is a beyootiful kitteh! Purrs from Prancer.

  3. I'm going to have to test your theory with my furries...
    I think you have really pretty markings. :)

  4. Your human is way smarter than mine, Willow! Binga is almost 11 years old and she has NEVER figured out what you just explained!

  5. Interesting theory re your patches denoting purrfect stroking spots, Willow! :b

  6. How awesome that you have special scratching zones in your furs!

  7. Those are some terrific patches Willow. It is like little arrows showing where to give you the good scratches. You do have the very pretty furs. Hope all of you have a terrific weekend.

  8. Very beautiful patches indeed sweet one!

  9. You have lots of little patches of colour Willow - does each one show an excellent place for a scritch.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. You are covered in patches, Willow!

  11. We love all our patches, Willow. You know, it was CatDaddy Junior that mentioned a while back that the white spot between SneakyPie's shoulders marked a good petting spot he really liked. He and your Mum must be similar researchers. We think this is a good thing. Especially for the advancement of quality attentioning. :-)

    Enjoy your weekend, sweet, pretty girl.

  12. Willow, you are so clever to grow a fursuit with instructions! We are gonna have to work on that ourselves.

    Or buy some markers.

  13. aw.. such a pretty kitty!

    my patch is up here A SAHM Reviews.Net

  14. Lots of interesting patches of colour on this kitty!

  15. LOL we love the colour coding idea!

  16. We love that you have strategically placed scritching zones in your fursuit Willow! Not only are your furs beautiful, they're functional!