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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pawsitioning and Distractions

When I get on my Mom's lap I like to pawsition myself
purrfectly before resting and this requires that I turn around
in circles making biscuits.  The lap has to be tender before it
is possible to sit in it for a while. A non tender lap is very unconfortable
so the right amount of turning needs to be done before there is any settling
on the lap for a purr sesssion and rest.

Sometimes this process goes on for such a long time that I get distracted
 from my original goal. I like to go up on a lap when Mom is doing something so there
are sometimes interesting items are left on the bed.  These items are at least worth
some investigation to see what they are and if they are cat toys.  Once I
am distracted the pawsitioning gets stopped to tend to the new thing .


  1. I only take my time with the biscuit thing when my human and I are in bed. Then I take forever to get comfortable. When she is at her desk, I just jump on her lap and stomp around for a few seconds and leap off.

  2. Willow, you sound just like us. We get a little distracted too. It is very important though to make sure that lap is very tender for that good purring session. You sure look like you are doing a good job. Hope you have a super Thursday.

  3. i do that too, beautiful girl! xox

  4. MOL Willow,
    I could not have said it any better. Making biscuits is tedious work, it requires a steady gentle paw. I too find that I am sometimes plagued with a short attention span...luckily Mom is too so she doesn't seem to mind.
    Hugs Madi

  5. I think you've got everything covered quite nicely!!!

  6. We like making lap biscuits too, Willow, though our mom complains about our claws sometimes.

  7. You are right, making lap biscuits takes dedication and it is furry impawtant to get the lap just right! Last night my mama sneezed in the middle and sent me flying. I had to come back and start all ofur again!

  8. Yup, that's definitely the way it goes, Willow.


  9. Willow, you are an expert. You know exactly how to do things just right. Mumsy has caught us just kneeding away... and watching the TV!

  10. I know how important it is to get comfy in Mom's lap. Maybe you could use a lap compass! To make sure everything is right!

    Thanks for coming to visit me at my blog! :)

  11. Oh my dear, I totally agree with you. You can't nap comfortably on a lap that hasn't been properly prepared!

    Your friend

  12. Tenderized! Yes that is perfect!

  13. Now, see, THAT's why I do not Lap Sit. It is sooooo much trouble!