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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Power of the Claw

My claws tend to be unsheathed a lot of the time as
I believe in the power of the claw.  There is so much
that the claws can express and show as when I am
sleepy they are used in my dream as a mighty hunter
chasing the elusive prey.

Leaving the claws out makes it easy to go over any
type of terrain.  It also helps to make the maximum
amount of a stretch so more square acres of carpet is
used than would be possible without the use of claws.
Has anyone used their power in unique ways?


  1. Paws up ! I want to answer !!!!!
    I can do Tattoo by my claws ! ..heh..heh..heh

  2. I lubz my claws sooooooo much! They are useful tools and excellent weapons (though I try not to scratch my Human on purpose--much).

    My Human is watching the teebee thru her fingers also, although I hope I will have this all settled verreh soon.

  3. I tend to keep my claws sheathed - if I show them off too much, my human decides they need a trim! I like using them best as leverage when leaping off my human to another, less invasive sitting surface. Sure, there are often clothing tears and blood involved, but, uh, so what?

  4. We tend to keep ours sheathed too, because the mom trims them when she sees they're sharp. We do like to use them to cling to her, though, when she picks us up to cuddle us. :-)

  5. We keep our claws all ready in case we need them in a hurry. Glad you are making good use of those claws Willow. Hope you have one fun day.

  6. even one claw out can be useful.

  7. I keep my claws at the ready..and I use them to hold on to mom when she is trying to put me somewhere (PTU) that I don't want to go.

  8. Oh I use my claws to scoot around the big rug in our family room...even though it does not make my mom very happy.


  9. When you've got a sisfur who interferes big time you need to keep the claws at the ready!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Hi are a very talented ladycat and you look very long an lean it doesn't look like you need to shed any poundage; however,you asked about how I lost weight so I'll tell you.

    Last year I weighed 12.1 lb…my Vet strongly encouraged me to get a personal trainer….he also said Fancy Feast is what puts most of the wight on. He suggested to my trainer that the amount be adjusted. Mom was dividing my FF can into 4 parts I got a 1/4 can in the morning and evening and along with 1/4 cup of Purina One for Indoor Cats in the morning and evening. Over the last year Mom began dividing the FF can into 6 parts. She gave me 1/6 in the morning and evening and continued to give me the 1/4 cup of P. One twice a day. She said she doesn’t know how she can possible cut back on the FF other than maybe reducing it a little every other day…..Woe be unto me I’ll surely waste away to nothing. I was 9 in March.
    Hugs Madi

  11. Precious likes to make "biskits" with hers! Haf a happy Sunday! xoxo

  12. Nice claws ya got there sweetie, mine are always ready but seldom used!

  13. We rarely ever use our claws.....unless Mummy carries us outside for some fresh air. Then the claws are used to cling on to Mummy (we are afraid to be outside)!

    Love, Cosmo and Ling

  14. I try not to show my clawrs too much, because when I do, I get a trim! I tend to enjoy giving the Bitey, but I hardly ever scratch.

  15. I enjoy putting my claws into Mommy's scalp to hold her head still while I groom her hair. For some reason she does not appreciate my efforts.
    xx The Baby

  16. Martian uses his claws to make noise on the carpet while walking to announce his presence.

  17. Hi Willow. I use my claws a lot to keep my peeps in line. Mostly,though, I like to use my teeth to bite them. I use my claws to propel myself across the rug from one room to the next,