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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cuteness Rules

I rule the house with cuteness and can get away with
a lot of things.  Even though we do not own this home
I have scratched the carpet enough that little fibers
keep appearing even after my Mom picks them up to
protect me from eating them.  She does not stop me from
doing this even when she sees me in the act.

I just turn on my cuteness after the fact so Mom can
not be mad.  She is prone to the cute act and when I
do this I can get away with this naughty act.  The cuteness
means that I have wrapped around my paw, but I do not
take advantage and only use it sometimes. 


  1. We have my human so well trained that we don't even have to be cute anymore!!!

  2. LOL at Sparkle! We think the cuteness factor works...Naughty Nicki uses it all the time. Ha!

  3. Harley likes to scratch up the berber carpet on the stairs, but I never scratch the carpet myself!

  4. That cuteness trick works very nicely for us. Then the Mom can't get too mad at us when she sees just how cute we are.Hope all of you have a great week end.

  5. Ummm, this is definitely a ploy commonly used. I must admit I use it (a lot) too!

  6. Yup, cuteness always...well ALMOST for us, too!!!!!!!

    Happy Saturday, sweetie.

  7. That is good that you do not overuse the powerful cuteness tool! Kit has ruined the rug in our rented place wif his scratching and yaking. Whoops.

  8. Willow, you bees eaten up with cute! Here, some of us, we won't go naming names, has finally fixed the carpet to where alls that's left in some places are threads. That took a lot of work!


  9. We do the same thing...we scratch the carpet RIGHT NEXT to the sisal post!

  10. You silly girl! Don't eat them though, we just had a good friend who had to have emergency surgery because they ate those little fibers!

  11. Being cute sure has it's advantages!!

  12. Being cute is a very good thing! I don't have any front claws so I can't hurt the carpet but I can definitely turn on the cuteness!

    Purrrrrrrrrrs, Willow