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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birdie TV Interrupted

I was watching the birdies on the panoramic television in the
 living room when my Mom came in looking for me.  She said that
 she had not seen me for a while and wanted to make sure I
was okay as I had not made even a meep.  This interrupted
my television viewing so I left the area.

I made the point to deliberately walk past
my Mom's feet just out of petting reach to show my
kitty displeasure of being interrupted from an exciting
edition of birdie tv.  I even did the slow stretchy walk to
temp her to try and pet when she knew I would run
like the wind if she tried to pet me.  Birdie TV is
a special kitty time that needs quiet from the humans
or else they fly away and she needed a little reminder of this fact.


  1. How rude of your human to disturb you while Bird TV was on - she should have known better!

  2. Found Guilty !!!! Your mom must give you some treats immediately !!!

  3. That is exactly right Willow. No interruptions when watching Bird TV. We hope you were able to go back eventually. Have a great Tues.

  4. There should be no interruptions during birdie TV! Good grief, efurryone knows that!

  5. Yep, ya gotta be there for the first airing, reruns are not quite the same!

  6. That was not very nice of her to interrupt your tv program. Hopefully you can get back to it later.

  7. Willow, humans can be soooo dense sometimes!

  8. Hi Willow it is so nice to meet you and I love your name. I know what you mean about the Moms interrupting us. Mine does it all the time especially when I'm sleeping...she'll come touch me and get this...she thinks she is cute she says "Hello Kitty" just like she invented the phrase. Moms you can't live w/'em and you certainly can't live w/o 'em

  9. Hi Willow! So nice to meet you!!

    You have a rude Mom too? Don't they have better things to do???

    Purrs, Goldie