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Monday, July 25, 2011

Monster Fly

There was a monster fly that came into my house.
It must have come through the open window and
it has been teasing me.  It has forced me under the bed
by how close to my face it is going while still going so fast.
I was so embarrassed as I hunted numerous other bugs.

Mom said not to worry this one was very vicious
and fast so there was no way to get him.  She tried to
go after the fly with a newspaper because it was going
right next to her ear.  This fly is just too fast and
it made me run sixty-a -billion times under the bed.  I
did not want to go under there, but each time I went
out it was relentless.  Thankfully it seems to have disappeared
through I did have a little sulk over how I should be the hunter
not the huntee.


  1. Oh noes! And how RUDE of your Mommy to take such embarrassing photos of you hiding from that Giant Insect! I mean, what are we to **do** about these Humans with their flashy boxes in our furry little faces 24/7?? There must be **some** solution....hmmmmm.

  2. MOL! That is such a funny story. You won't believe who the best fly hunter is in this household! It's MUMMY! She NEVER misses AND she uses her bare hands! It's SO insulting.

    Love, Whisky, Cosmo & Ling

  3. Willow, don't you worry! A big horse fly gots in here the other day when Mumsy opened the front door to go out to the mailbox. Several of us took out after it, it was huge! Piewhackits lead the chase. But Mumsy went and got CatDaddy to come and kill it and get rid of it. She was afraid if one of us caught it, it would hurt us it was so big. So, we think its better you gots under the bed instead of getting hurt. (((Hugs))) You feel all betters now, okay?
    *nose bumps*

  4. I can't believe that both you and your human let a FLY intimidate you! You should have killed it dead, Willow!

  5. Whew, we're glad that nasty Monster Fly is gone!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. Wow, that does sound like a huge fly. Good idea to run UTB. That darn fly could have put the bitey on you and that would not have felt good. Glad everyone is safe. Take care and have a super day.

  7. MOL.. I think you just leave the fly for your human, I think she is doing good with a newspaper...Ha..Ha..Ha

  8. Willow, sometimes those flies can be really vishus. Maybe your mom can knock him out with the newspaper and then you can finish him off. Serves him right...

  9. We're glad that nasty fly has gone now Willow - have a relaxing bath and a nap to get over it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. LOL! That must have been a really big and vicious fly -- maybe a deer or horse fly? We go after house flies and kill them, but we don't eat them -- yuck.

  11. Hey, bugs can be tricky. You need a battle plan.

  12. Glad that nasty fly is gone! Don't be embarrassed, Willow. Sometimes a bug is just too big!

  13. Well, nocat should be expected to deal with rude, vishus monster insects. We're pretty sure it's a rule.

  14. Not to worry sweet one, flies time when you're having fun!

  15. Sounds like a vishus horse fly! Good thing you ran UTB! Mommy is in charge of fly killin at our house! It's risky business. Stay safe. Purrs.

  16. That must have been one vishus fly to have chased you under the bed! We hope he never comes back!