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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tortie CAT-Scan

I am performing a tortie CAT-Scan on my Mom so
she does not have to make an appointment to get one
done.  I told her that she is both lickable and purr worthy,
but she said that the human V-E-T said that her glands were
swollen and the scan would see where the biospy surgery
will should be done to see why they are so swollen.

She told me not to worry about the scan as he
said that this future appoinment was just to test to
see why they are swollen and that it might help with her skin.
I think that my CAT-Scan is much better than any humans through
if making the appointment her feel better and may explain
her skin problem so I will allow
her to do it.  I would be more relaxed if she could do it at
home, but she will be gone until late afternoon.  Those
humans they are so hard to take care of.


  1. Aw, Willow! I am sorreez you are without your person. I hope she will come home soon so you can take care of her some more. Purrs.

  2. They really are, Willow. You has to just stay after them, and they never listen to you. We hope your Moms is okay so she can get back to taking care of you proper :-)

  3. I think your CAT scan can definitely do a better job but you are right too that having the human vet explain her skin problem (AND spend some money) will help her feel better. :) I hope your Mummy is home soon and feels better as well.

  4. We think your cat scan is great Willow but the doctors aren't as clever as you and need to look inside your mummy by using a machine instead of pretty furs. We hope the doctors can help her when they see the results.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    Willow - I love the hammick on our scratch pole especially on chilly days when you can snuggle down inside it - it's also a great spot for the odd ankle whap!!
    Luv Lucy

  5. Willow, your CAT scan is definitely better, but you know how humans are - they need to figure things out on their own. It makes them feel important.

  6. I think all your mom need when she come home is a big and sweet purrs !
    Paws Crossed for all good.
    Purrs and Hugs to her
    and Kisses to you Miss Willow

  7. MOL Willow it was very kind of you to give your Mom a Cat-scan. I bet yours was much more thorough and a ton more fun the what the human V E T does not to mention yours was FREE!!

    We hope she is feeling better very very soon,
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  8. Willow, we are wishing your Mom lots and lots of good luck with the Cat Scan. They are not much fun to have to do. So she will be so glad to get home to you Willow and your good care. We also are sending lots of purrs that they don't find anything bad. Have a really fun day.

  9. We think your kind of cat-scan would be much more enjoyable for you mom! We're sending her purrs and hoping all will be okay!

  10. Nothing is better than a REAL cat scan, but we're sending tons and tons of purrs to your Mom!

  11. Hoomins are very hard to take care of! Clearly you are doing a first rate scan. PS: We hope the scan reveals good news for you. Please keep us posted.

  12. Willow, pretty gorgeous take great care of your mommy. We will help with our purrs too. xxxxx

  13. Willow, we know one thing, your Mom enjoyed your CAT scan much much more! Purrs for your Mom!

  14. I'm sure your cat scan was much more enjoyable! I hope your mom's went well. Purrs to her.

  15. Willow we are purring for your survunt and hope she gets better ASAP.

  16. We've had the other kind of CAT scan, and we have to say ... yours is MUCH better, Willow. :)

    Purring and praying for your mom's scan and the results!

  17. Purring the results are all good!!