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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ear Ouchie

We found out why the monster fly was able to force me
to retreat under the bed.  The bug was more viscous than
we thought.  Mom knew that it liked to go near ears from personal experience,
but she did not know that it made my ear bleed from a bite or maybe me
trying to use my claws to shoo it away.  No wonder I thundered to the safety
of the bed every time it got close I was protecting my inner ear from danger.
 When I was having a purring session on Mom's leg Tuesday she saw this ouchie
that was not there before the bug and realized that he also went near my ear.

I let her hold me while she got out the cat wipes and a teeny
tiny bit of cream for the ouchie.  I purred when Mom
treated it as this felt really well as she was careful as she put
it on. And the fly got deaded by my Mom who saw it this
Tuesday morning and whacedk it with a newspaper.  I love my
Mom as she is a protector and she loves my protective
purry instincts as well.


  1. Ouch! Poor Willow. Nasty bug! Thank goodness your Mummy spotted the ouchie early. And you are such a brave girl to let Mummy clean it and put some cream on it. I'm sure your Mummy will keep a close eye on your ouchie until it's completely healed.

  2. I'm glad that bad bug got whacked! That must have hurt!

  3. The only good bug is a deaded one! Yay fur mom! Purrs fur the ouchie. xoxo

  4. Oh, Willow, no! Not your sweet little ear! We hate that awful monster fly! Hurt sweet Willow like that. Yay for your Mom, she showed it what for, kill it dead! And she tend your ear so it gets all better.

    Yay for Willow Mom! :-

    Boo Hiss at evil mean monster bug :-/

    (((Hugs))) *nosebumps* and some kitty-kisses too, sweet Willow.

  5. Oooh, nastie fly. We are glad it won't be coming back to bother your ears again. Good ol' mummy making your ear feel all better. I bet that cream was lovely and soothing :)xxxx

  6. OMC !!!! Me and Mom didn't expected that fly was evil !!!!
    No wonder why the fly must dead ! My mom said she will do the same if that evil bug hurt her kitty !

    I purrs for those cream works well for you Miss Willow

  7. Poor Willow - glad the horrid fly has gone now and hope the cream helps you.

  8. Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry you got ouchied and hooray for the deaded fly...bravo Mom!

  9. We knew those flies could be mean, but not that mean!! We hope your ear ouchie heals quickly.

    Next time, you give that ol' nasty fly what for!!

  10. Ouch indeed! What a vicious insect; we're glad it's dead! We hope your ear heals quickly, Willow!

  11. That was a very norty insect and we are glad the Mom got it with that vishus newspaper. Now he can't hurt anyone else. Good job Mom. Take care and have a fly free day.

  12. We're glad your mum made your ouchie feel much better and also killed that nasty fly.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Oh, sorry you got a hurty ear, Willow! Mean ol' fly!

  14. Your mommy is very brave Willow! She made that nasty fly all ded!

    Your story reminded me: When the Human was just a little girl, her father told her that dragonflies, while beautiful, would SEW UP YOUR EARS if you let them get too close, MOL! My Human is soooooo gullible. She probably believed that till she was, like, 30 or something.

  15. Hi Willow,
    Moms know just what to do for ouchies we are glad you are all better.
    Hugs M&M

  16. We're glad that vishus bug is deaded and can't bite you no more! We hope your ouchie gets all better soon too!

  17. You have got a good mom, looking out for you like that.

  18. Puuuuurrrrr to get better!