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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cat Wash

I am hiding under the bed after I was given a cat wash.
I stayed under the bed until I was dry so that my
Mom would not continue to towel dry me.  Humans do not
know the best way to do a fur style.  Just look at
this spiked do I am not a punk cat.  They try, but the
cat tongue is the best way to dry off and get the floofy look.

The best thing about the bed is that my Mom can only get
one hand in there so I get to decide when I come out.
This small opening is accessible only to a cat and sometimes
she wonders how I manage to get into that space. 
Each area had to be taken care of to make my fur presentable.
Once I had finished the grooming I went out from under the
bed to eat my treat that she gave me for being a good girl.
It was Salmon and this was why I only made some Mep Mew
Rof protests because I knew that a great treat was awaiting me
if I let her do a complete bath with a bit of drying and teeth brushing.


  1. I love the gap like that, It can keep our fur purrfect !!!
    Enjoy your day, Miss Willow and Happy Sunday : )

  2. Humans ARE terrible furstylists, Willow! We kitties always have to take such matters into our own tongues.

  3. Poor you!!! I absolutely hate baths.

  4. Gosh, we will not allow our Mom to even think about giving us a bath. That is so scary. But your furs do look nice and will really look nice when you get the job finished. Take care and have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Teeth brushing and a bath - do you get this torture often? We know mum wouldn't even dare think about teeth brushing if she wanted fingers!! Thank goodness you managed to calm your pretty furs - what was she thinking about leaving you with spiky furs.
    Luv Hanah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Mama was told that she needs to brush our teeth but we won't let her. You are a good kitty! And I bet your furs look even prettier now than they did before, now that you haf groomed them the way they should be.

  7. We've never had a bath before...we bathe ourselves. Well, there was the time Wally got oil on his feets and mom had to give him a half bath.

  8. Nope, not a bath with real water, nope, ain't gonna happen here! Enjoy your easy sweet one!

  9. ACK! We got baffs a while ago. Unlike you we protested. Vociferously. Isn't it funny how Cat Spit dries you off but water makes you wet?

  10. Our Mumsy washes our hands sometimes, and we hate that! No way is we gettin all ourselves into water. Nuh-uh, no. We sorry, Willow. Dat sounds awful! We hope the rest of your day is much better.

  11. If you had to have a cat wash, I'm glad that at least you got to have a treat!

    Purrrrrrrrrs, Willow