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Saturday, July 16, 2011

PhotoHunt 274: Backwards

I am moving myself backwards in order to perform a
trick to get a treat from my Mom.  In order to fully 
stand up on my two back paws I must go from a sitting
position to standing up on with one paw raised.  

It takes practice to move backwards without any
assistance.  I do it each time so I been able to move
backwards very quickly, which is why I am fuzzy
in the first two picture since I moved backwards really fast. 

In this trick it is important to look imploring at the Mom
for a faster delivery of a Greenie. While moving backwards takes
a lot of work it is worth it for the treats and praise that I
get from my Mom for being a Good Girl.


  1. That is a super-clever trick, Willow. But here's the thing: It is the duty of the Humans to supply us with all the treats we want on demand. No fair making us do some silly trick to get them! Unless we ENJOY doing the trick, MOL!

  2. Excellent maneuver!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. We ALL have to sit up for treats around here. I consider it an imposition - I never thought of it as a backwards move, though!

  4. Willow! That is a most excellent trick! And we bet very effective for getting treats. You like the Greenies then? Some of us do and some of us just wont even touch them. Hey, that's just more for us who do like them :-) Have you a good weekend, sweet Willow!

  5. Woah re that last photo -- like it a lot! :)

  6. Good job Willow on the going backwards. I don't think we could accomplish that trick. Good girl. Have yourselves a super fun weekend.

  7. Very nice! You could enter that move in the next Cat Olympics.

  8. you look like SuperCat in the last photo. you're talented.:p

  9. You are very talented in any direction!

  10. Daddy makes us SIT before we get our dinner!

    Thanks for visiting us! :)

    Love, Cosmo and Ling

  11. Aww, too cute! Have a fabulous weekend.

    Liz @ MLC

  12. Willow, we like how you have your Mom trained to hand you treats, one by one!

  13. Haha you have your servant well trained! Great take on the theme

  14. Cute! Lovely cat too :)
    Have a grea day!

    Mariposa's PH!