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Saturday, July 9, 2011

PhotoHunt 273: Near

I love hunting and have been successfully hunting bugs
that sneak into the windows during the summer. I wanted
to expand my hunting techniques by participating in the Photo Hunt.
This weeks photohunt is NEAR
I got NEAR the camera lens and captured the little dots where
my whiskers grow from.  I  was examining the lens when this picture
was taken.  When getting NEAR the camera it is possible to play
with the little strap that is on the camera.

Being NEAR the camera gives many opportunities to play with
the little strap.  I enjoy getting NEAR the camera when it is out
I MEOW at it and come towards it to start the fun.

P.S. Brian's Home blog keeps kicking me out before I could
read or comment on it.  Is there any other cat that is having this problem.  


  1. I like getting near the camera lens because it makes my human scared I am going to put my wet nose on it!

    I haven't had that problem with Brian's blog, but I hear occasional complaints about weirdness with mine! Maybe it's a Wordpress glitch.

  2. ...we hide from the camera... you are quite brave to get NEAR the camera... a purrfect post for NEAR!
    Maggy & Zoey, The Zoolatry Girls

  3. oh you gorgeous precious darling!!!!!!!

  4. My mom use Zoom In, I got no chance !
    But is that your mom trick to get you so close to her : )

    Have a great weekend Miss Willow

    PS : Brain Blog work well for me, I hope No Evil word express

  5. Your human(s) must be very happy that you love being near the camera. :b

  6. We haven't visited Brian's Home today so we don't know, so far we haven't had any problems visiting today.

    Arty likes going near the camera and playing with the strap too.

  7. Oh dear, I'm sorry you are having problems visiting me. I've had lots of visitors today. If anyone else is having problems please let me know by email at brianfrum at gmail dot com

    Love that near pic!

  8. Cute post, sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have no problem visiting Brian's Home....what browser do you use?????? We use Mozilla's Firefox and have had none of the problems others have been having with Blogger and other sites.

    Have a happy Caturday!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hello willow i play photo hunt here ( if you want to visit.

    but i also blog about my little cats at

  10. Willow, we do not like to get near the camera! Except John. He's a little strange.

  11. Hi Willow I love the little strap on the flashy beast too.

    Blogger is being a booger today. There have been several blogs we've visited with issues. We hit publish comment and receive Service unavailable Error 503. Sometimes we can go back.
    Also there is a funky message block below our comment box.
    Hugs Madi

  12. Willow we just left you a long comment blogger is being a bogger today it ate our comment. We are having issues too. We've gotten 'service uavailable error 503 several times today. and there is a odd message below our comment box.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  13. Hahaha! Nice take on the theme. And nice to be back here! ;)

    Mariposa's PH

  14. Oh Willow! We enjoy doing the same thing to our Mumsy when she tries so hard to take our picture. She ends up with NEAR misses! hee-hee :-)

    Enjoy the weekend sweet girl!

  15. The camera strap is the best part of the flashy box in my opinion! Mama finally gave up and tooked it off and just gifed it to us to play wif.

  16. Does the camera play back? Kind ours is kinda boring. And annoying of course.

    Yes! I do sometimes have troubles with Brian's blog (and Cat Chat too :-( )