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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whoops Wednesday

Uh-Oh Mom saw me get on the open drawer.
She said that I should not do this since it is dangerous
and I could fall and get hurt.  I told her that
she did not close the drawer in time and it
was an open invitation to go up here.

Once I was up I had to stick my paws to see what
was in the drawers and see if I could open it more.
Sadly this thing is blocking any movement so I was
only able to just stick one paw through the drawer.


  1. Oh we love to get our paws into drawers. We just plain love to get into the drawers with our whole bodies. It is great fun to dig around. Try to have a super day.

  2. I'm nosy too..I have to know all mom's business...heh..heh

  3. Willow, our Nicki opens drawers (and closets) all the time. He likes to open the mom's bureau drawers and rearrange her clothes. :-)

  4. We love a good old rummage round and mess everything up.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I do that too! I like to get alla way into the drawer and fur up everything in there.

  6. I love to get up on mama's dresser tops and play with her jewelry and hair scarves and hats..her perfumes..I am a girly girl.

  7. Hey, if it is open, it is an invitation!!!

  8. You are an inquisitive one! I peer into them but that's about it. I prefer playing with stuff on the desk and tables.