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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tortie Colored Tuesday

I love my Tortie Colored blanket that Mom got me
and use it as a security blanket when I go to the V-E-T, 
I hug onto the blanket during these exams.  Before
it was a real big deal and now I can really hold onto
it and be safe from the V-E-T.
I learned a secret that my Mom has sent for
a purr pad and sleeper for my Gotcha Day on June 25, 2011.
I am awaiting the box and gift, but I will try to act
surprized because I do not want her to be sad about me
knowing about my gift before the right time.


  1. Are you practicing your surprised look, Willow? You should start now so you know how to do it when your present arrives.

  2. I think the security blanket is a wonderful idea, anything that helps is cool!

  3. Willow, you bees so pretty. And so sweet, taking good care of your Mumsy to be surprised like that for her. We has a security towel we argue, I mean share, over. You has a happy day :-)

  4. That is a good idea, a security blanket for the vet. Usually we hide under Mommy's shirt...strictly to protect HER, you understand.

    Just open your eyes real wide and do some prancing when you get your gift. Humans are pretty easy to fool!

  5. What a great idea to haf a security blanket! Maybe I should try that. I fink I am going to the v-e-t tomorrow. What a great present! I'm sure you can act surprised.

    I gave you an award! Come by my blog to pick it up!

  6. You are my faFURite kind of tortie... mostly red with a little splash of black and white... Lovely against your blanket.

  7. That looks like a pawsome blanket. What a great idea to have a security blanket to take to the vet.

  8. We like the idea of a security blanket although we prefer not to have to go to the v-e-t! We hope you enjoy your surprise that you don't know you are getting!

  9. Kizzie says "I want one of those blankets myself - it looks cool".