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Monday, June 27, 2011

Mighty Monday

I was a mighty hunter and took some cards from my Mom
and rolled in them to show my supreme ability at getting prey 
  away from the human.  Paper is my prey most of the time
and I take great joy in biting and ripping them into little bits.
I took one of the cards and really started to bite into
because they are very tasty.  Mom has to hide cards
                             that are important to her so I do not bite and rip those
                             cards.  With my love of paper it is important to keep these
                                      hidden so they are not attacked by me.

This was fuzzy picture taken by my Mom, but if you biggify
the picture the evidence of my prey's bite marks is obvious.
I love destorying paper and even decaptitated and destroyed
two paper people that Mom gave me so I go after the 'appropriate' paper. 


  1. You certainly deaded that card Willow! Good job!

  2. At least it's only paper.......

  3. We love to shred paper but mostly the toilet paper and paper towels. Good job Willow, taking care to ruin those cards. Keep it up. Hope all of you have a super week.

  4. Wow, Willow! You sure did chomp on that card pretty good!

  5. heh..heh... Must be so Yum !!!

  6. The mom considers herself lucky that we don't attack paper. LOL. However, Nicki does "eat" cardboard, so any boxes left around get chewed up pretty quickly! :-)

  7. You gots dem papers good! We proud of you, Willow :-)

  8. Killing those papers are even better when they have vet appointments written on them!

  9. Nothing better than a good paper chase, especially when YOU win!!!

  10. Wow, you gotted that paper good! Those are some pawsome teeth marks!

  11. Willow, I love paper and I have spotty freckled gums JUST LIKE YOU!! Could we be related?

    xx Felix

  12. I'm a cellophane girl myself.

  13. EXCELLENT hunting, Willow! Also, extra points if you destroy something your Human really NEEDS. Good job!