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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tawdry Tail

I have a confession, I like to wag my tail a lot
 and that is why I am hiding my head in shame.
I know as a respectiable cat that I should not
be wagging it in such a manner, but I enjoy wagging
it so much.  I even wag it as a game with my Mom
where she pats her hand down on the ground
and I wag my tail the same number of times in response.
I hope this still means that I can be called
a Cat.


  1. Hehehe, what a funny game you have with your mom!

    Love your floofy tummy - it's just gorgeous! You are gorgeous.

  2. LOL! Willow, you can do as you please with your tail. Our angel Annie was always flicking hers... Mom would call her "my friend flicka". LOL.

  3. I say it's your tail and you can do whatefur you want wif it! It's a lovely tail by the way.

  4. Oh don't hide your face in shame! We think it's pretty cool that you can wag your tail. That takes a talent!!

  5. I agree, wag it all you want sweetie, that is darn cool!!!

  6. It's quite alright that you wag your tail all the time and we think you are extra smart that you can count too! But then again you are a Tortie and we are smart!