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Monday, June 13, 2011

Monorail Monday

Purring and fur blushing a thanks to every cat for
their nice comments about my balance on the chair.
I am very careful when I go up on the chair and make
sure to hug the sides so I do not fall.  I like trying these
things even though it scares my Mom that I might get
hurt, but I am stubborn as a cat that knows what
to do.  Right now I want to be up on the chair
as a Monorail Cat. 


  1. Willow, I think you got a gift from COD to make a biscuit there !
    For me, You should be in YouTube !!!

  2. Willow, you sound like a danger cat ;-) You bees very brave and pretty.

  3. Good job Willow being a monorail cat. That is fun isn't it. Some of us that but not often. You look good up there Willow. Take care.

  4. We think you could participate in a gymnastics competition next year for the 2012 Cat-O-Lympics. The "balance beam" of course!

  5. That chair is just purrfect for you!

  6. Willow, I am furry impressed wif you. You are my ideal gymnast ladycat. xoxoxox