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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for the food service that I get from
my Mom that when my dry food dish looks like this
I get a refill.  I also have a variety of stinky goodness
with sardines and lobster in the cans.  It is premo
and I finish it unlike some of them that dried out
too quickly to taste good.My Mom did research to find the
 food that I would love
.  I am also thankful for the tortie colored carpet because
I can decide to catoflague or I can expose my bright
white tummy  for the world to see when I want
attention.  This gives me an undercover mode and
a you just got home and it has been forever since
I saw you mode. 


  1. You are one lucky kitty!!!

    As an adopted stray, I am thankful too to have a roof over my head and regular meals. Especially in view of the wet and cold weather that we have in winter.

  2. WE are thankful too for all our wonderful meals. that is one terrific white belleh. Great picture. Hope you have a terrific day.

  3. Your tummy is fabulous ! and yep, Thanksful for good forever home, and purrfect mommy..That's what we are thankful everyday..You are a very good kitty, my dear !

  4. Those are wonderful things to be thankful for and that picture of you is so cute!

  5. Sardines and lobster! Can I come ofur for supper?

  6. I have stealth carpet too!

  7. We're thankful for yummy foods too! Our mommy just tore out my Tortie spot colored carpet and put in dark wood floors so I'm still kind of catoflauged too!