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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back of Disrespect

I was caught by my Mom because I just could not resist
going to her after a time of hiding.  I Mew-Mew-Mewed
during the time when she was cleaning and then showed her my
backside  and walked away from her in a huff. 
 I did end up totally forgiving her for her rude behavior
and stayed on her for a purring session.  I love my
Mom even when she is doing these weird human things
that a Cat like myself could take care of on her own.
Purr-chirp what else can you do with them?


  1. She was cleaning you? Was she licking you, or what? I think you can do a fine job of giving yourself a bath. Human tongues just don't have the correct texture, MOL!

  2. Sometimes we kitties have to let those humans know what's what.

  3. Miss Willow, Whatever she clean, Make sure she don't take you to the sink or bath tube ! That's dangerous place ! believe me !!!!
    Stay Alert !!! some time human can't be trust..Much : )

  4. We're glad you gave her what for, Willow! She won't try to clean you again anytime soon! We hope!!

  5. That was a good job Willow for telling your Mom what you thought about that treatment. No more washing. We are also glad you purred to her again. Bet that made her happy. Hope everyone has a terrific Thursday today.

  6. That's right Willow - these mums have to learn they are the unpaid help!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. The forgiving and making up part is the most fun!

  8. It was very big of you to forgive her, Willow! She is lucky!

  9. We understand you, Willow. You just has to be very patient with humans. They do LOTS we'll never ever understand :-)

  10. hehehe... Tobi gets frustrated with me and shows me his backside and walks away in a huff too... but he always forgives me :)