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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Award-Gotcha Day Edition

Welcome to My Gotcha Day celebration and
enjoy playing with one of my stash of toys. My Mom
likes to buy me a lot of toys.
Mom had always wanted to have a cat and when she  was younger,
but she never was able to get an animal.  When she was in her Senior
year of college there was visiting Theapy Animals that came to relieve
the stress of  college.  There was one cat that came to that was a part
of the program and she knew that she had to get a cat.  So when
she got her BA she looked on the innernets for a cat and found me. Willow.

I got the Kreativ Blogger Award from Athena The Torbie Cat and
wanted to tell 5 facts about my Gotcha Day
1. Purrfect Companions said that I came from a home
with an older lady that had a lot of cats that knew she could not care for me.

2.  She called Purrfect Companions to hellp get me into a foster home where I
was found at an adoption fair by my Mom who told me she had seen
my picture on the internet as being up for adoption.

3.  My name was Willow before I was Gotcha'd and Mom really liked it and
kept it as my forever name since she thought I looked very decliate and 'willowly'

4.  My half mask gave me my first nickname of Phatom because I
looked like I was from the Phatom of the Opera.

5.  When I got home Purrfect Companions said to keep me to one
room, but I wanted out and I took over the total of my home.

Since this is my Gotcha Day I am going to give this award to any cat
that wants to take it in honor of this special day.

I hope you enjoy my Gotcha Day with toys, fish flakes, sardines,
fresh water, niptinis, and catsip.   This is also very random since I
am very EXCITED to be throwing such a big Gotcha Party

PURRS Willow


  1. Happy happy Gotcha Day, Willow! We so happy for you :-) And bunches of hoo-yeeeeaaasss on your Kreativ Blogger award! We think you just great :-) We so glad your Mumsy gets you lots of toys, you deserve them, pretty girl. We sending you lotsa lotsa hugs and kitty-kisses today! DO has a happy!

  2. What a wonderful Gotcha Day Story you haf, Willow.
    I's a tortie, too, just like you.
    I's gonna help mineself to a nip-tini and some sardines, your party is so fun.
    I's bringed mine Box O'Voles for us to chase later on.
    Love & Purrs,

  3. ... and I love your face "mask", that is so purrty. I's got an orange slash down mine nose. Us torties are so cool.
    Love & Purrs,

  4. Concatulations on the award and HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, Willow!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day. Concats on the award. Always good to know a little more about you. You are a lucky kitty to have such a loving mom who indulge you with so many toys.

    Now let's get on with the party!!!!!

  6. Happy Gotcha Day Willow, and concats on your award.

  7. Happy Gotcha Day, Willow! It's a great party! Wow, what a weekend for parties--lol.

    And concats on your awesome award too!

  8. Happy Gotcha Day Willow - isn't it great to have a furever home. We enjoyed learning more about you from your award.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Happy Gotcha Day sweet Willow! Gotcha Days are the best!!!

  10. We came from the CB to wish you a furry Happy Gotcha Day~!!! We are new followers to your bloggie too~!!! And, your name is lovely!

    Sniffs & Wiffs~
    The Kewl~Kitty~Krew
    (King, Pandora, Cricket, and woofie, Lucky)

  11. Oh Willow, we are so glad that your Mom found you and took you home. So a huge Happy Gotcha day to you. Sounds like you are getting tons of extra treats which is terrific. Take care and have a great and many more.

  12. Happy Gotcha Day, Willow! And congrats on your award too!! We are so happy your mom gotted you!

    Our mom says that she sure wishes when she was in college they had a therapy program that brought cats. That would have been great!!


  13. Happy Gotcha Day, Willow! That sure is a great story about how you and your mom found each other. :)

    And concatulations on your awesome award!

  14. A very happy Gotcha Day, Willow. Looks like it will be a fun party.

  15. Happiest of Gotcha Days Willow!! A kitty is a great thing to have!

  16. Happy Gotcha Day Willow! I liked learning those facts about you. I think you are a beautiful kitty! I'm so glad you and your mom found each other.

    Now, let's party! Fishy flakes, my favorite!

  17. That's a really a-citin' story, Willow! I would like to come celebrate your Gotcha Day! Can I have some fish flakes with a nice bowl of milk, please?

  18. Happy Gotcha Day Willow! We like your name, we think it suits you to a "T". We brought you some fresh nip and some bugs to chase; and may we have some fishy flakes? They sound delish!

  19. Happy Gotcha Day, Willow. We just wanted to stop by to say hi.
    Taz, Runt, Charles, and mommy, Anna, in Illinois

  20. This has been a great party thanks to all who came. I have put out some desert out and then it will be time I open my presents where pictures of the gifts would be on the blog tomorrow.

  21. Happy Gotcha Day beautiful Willow!! Me and my cat Charlie came over from the CB to wish you a all tne best on your very special day! Yay! x