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Friday, June 10, 2011

Mussed Tummy Fur

I am having a bad fur day where I can do nothing
to stop the Tummy's fur from being Mussed.  Instead of
trying to fix it I thought I would just reach high into
the air and relax in a way that only a cat can.
Sometimes when things do not work out it is best
to take a break and just have some fun with
Mussed Tummy Fur.


  1. You are doing it purrfectly too! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Your tummy furs look just dandy to us Willow. Glad you are having fun too. That is all that matters. Hope you have a really fun week end.

  3. Instead of bedhead, you have naptummy!

  4. Willow - I have trouble with my tummy furs too and my mum brushes it but when I move it jumps back all untidy again.
    Luv Hannah (& Lucy of smooth tummy furs) xx xx

  5. Willow, I think you have very pretty furs!

  6. Hi Willow! You sure are pretty. We don't think yous need two worry about mussy tummy furs :-)

    Thank you four comin two see our new bloggener. You has a good weekend!