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Monday, June 6, 2011

Coloration Study

My Mom has been trying to see if she could get
better pictures of my colors because she says that
my color blender has not stopped.  She is convinced
that my colors keep changing.

I indulge her in this because I am more Autumn in
color than I used to be.  Sometimes it is best
to let the humans be weird and let them observe
you.  Do you let your parents do weird things
like a color study?


  1. Hi Willow,
    Mine Mom finks I's getting redder, but it is hard to get tha splendor of mine colors on a camera.
    She looks at the early photos of me and I was definitely not as firey a red-orange.
    You's gotted beautiful colorations.
    Yay Torties!
    Love & Purrs,

  2. Hello Willow,
    My mom is the same..always observe me, I'm a tuxedo cat, and of course the color is just black and white, and she still " Puddy, why your fur doesn't look black but dark brown or Today, your fur look totally black " Mom just silly sometime, Better leave her with her thought : )

    This is my first visiting, and I just followed you as well so you can come to say hello to me at my blog any time...Nice to meet you

  3. Whatever colors they are today, whatever colors they become tomorrow ~ we have to say you do have the purrtiet colors ever!

  4. You are a really pretty color Willow. We do let Mom examine us sometimes but not often. But your colors are different. They are such a pretty shade. Take care and have a great week.

  5. "color blender", ha ha ha! May Ling is getting darker as she gets older on her have a very pretty fur suit, Willow.

  6. Yes indeed, humans are easily entertained sometimes! But your colors are very beautiful!

  7. Oh Willow, your mommy loves you so much just like mine loves me. I'm a Tortie, candy bar colored. Chocolate, cream and caramel. But mommy said as I have gotten older (I am 13) that I have darkened bur I am still easily seen as a Tortie and I am still, like you, a stunning beauty. Torties rule.

  8. You colors are very pretty, Willow. Our mom is always checking something on us...we just indulge makes her happy, we guess.

  9. Our mommy is always checking us out for some thing or another. I'm not changing colors from the black and orange Tortie I am but my little sisfur Angel changes all the time. She used to be an all white kitten but as she gets older she keeps getting more and more darker furs and more orange ears.