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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tortie-Toesie Tuesday

In this picture I am showing off the mani-pedi I got on
Monday because my nails were causing accidental scratches
 when I got up from laying on my Mom.  I was very good
 this time and only put up a couple of meow protests because
I really felt I needed them done.  I even let my Mom give me an extra
little spatreatment of spritz of cat bath to clean up my arms.


  1. Good Kitty, Willow
    Be good to mommy, That's a very nice thing : )

  2. Willow, that was very nice of you to allow Mom to do those things to you. That would never happen around here. We don't like anything done to us unless it is a little scritch. I bet Mom was happy to get those claws cut off. Take care.

  3. Sometimes those snaggers just have to go and it's easier to get 'em clipped then have to gnaw them off!

  4. I love having my nails trimmed, hopefully I can get some clipping this weekend too! You are so good to cooperate like that!

  5. Your toesies look very nice, Willow!!