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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tortie Tuesday

I am on the top of the computer chair in order
to reassure her that I am feeling ok after having
a little bit of yak this evening.  I had eaten
really fast and then started running after eating.
She gets so worried over these things, but I said I
was just going real fast and did not chew my food all
the way.  This Tortie Tuesday she will keep an eye on
me to see if I yak again before making the dreaded appointment
to the V-E-T.  So  I am going on the chair to say that I am well and
there is no need to go to the V-E-T. After mewing for a treat
I think I can duck the appointment.

P.S. Mom was happy today because my tail was high and I purred and purred.  She was just extra worried with the way I was yakking.  It was really loud and slimy now that I am okay I am not going
to the V-E-T.  She always likes to wait to see how my tail is before making a decision it
is my indicator of wellness.  PURRS Willow


  1. We learned yakkin is dis part a beein a kitty. Once in a while, and our Mumsy don't worry on account of some of us, we won't has to say who, bees little pigs and gobbles food - a bunch and bunch of food - din gets yakkin!

    Mumsy gets upset, but if you does the cute, I don't feels good, but I'm not sick enough to go to the vet routine, you'll be fine!

  2. Moms always get scared about yakking. Mine is kinda used to it now because I do it quite a bit, especially with hairballs.

  3. With a house full of cats, I get presented with yak 2-3 times a week. It is their gift. Usually eating too much or too fast. Once done they are up and running again, no side effects. Normal if not plesent.

  4. Hi, we just wanted to stop back by and see how your Mumsy was doing. Our Mumsy has been thinking about your Mumsy worrying over the yak. Our's has had to clean up two yak-ups tonight. We dis gots to gobbling our food really fast. Then runnin alls around, playin, wrasselin... Plus there was some fur ball issue with one. But we bees fine now and are right back to running around, playing...eating again, but more slowly.

    We just didn't want you to feel alone, yak-ey, and worried.

    xxoxxoxxo love, hugs, and kitty kisses to both you, Willow, and your dear Mumsy. Be patient with her worry. It's dis signs of how much she truly wuzes you ;-)

  5. Tossing up dinner occasionally is just natural! I don't see why humans have to get so bent out of shape about it. Will you please explain this to my human too?

  6. Hope you didn't toss any more of your cookies Willow. You look like you feel pretty good doing a balancing act on that chair. Hope you have a fun day.

  7. Hey, yak happens! I hope you don't have to do the vet thing, tis no fun, I know!

  8. With that balancing act you're doing now, Willow, you must be're probably right, you yakked because you ate too fast. We do that sometimes too.

  9. I do yakking sometime, Just because I ate too fast and no chew, after the yak, I eat again..hee..heh..7.1 now : )

  10. i have done that too, Willow. Our mom's worry about efurrything, don't they? xoxox

  11. Willow, Derry does that all the time: eats too fast and then yaks it all up a few minutes later. Tell your mom that if you're eating and drinking and using your litter box normally, all is fine!

  12. Hannah says she rarely yaks but Lucy can yak any time she gobbles (and she can be a little piggy) but mum doesn't worry unless it has blood in it.
    Luv Hannah & Lucy xx xx

  13. Kit gobbles his food and yaks it up a couple of times a week. He has now been checked out very thoroughly and there's no problem! Moms worry, I know.

  14. I guess we should be thankful that our moms get worried about long as they don't take us to the vet when it's really not necessary.

    You are a beautiful tortie, Willow....we purr you will come and visit us boys and our tortie sisfur.

  15. hello, pretty willow! our igmu haf been haffin' a prollem wif yakkin'--mom & dad finely figgered out that his kibbles din't agree wif him, so they changed 'em an' now he don't yak much at all!! hope you feel fine, an' escape the vettie!

  16. Glad you're feeling better!