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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Computer Chair

I claimed the computer chair as mine when I marked
it with my claws and played with the pieces of
the armchair.  Mom knew it was mine. 
A pillow case was put on top of the computer chair
so there could be no more damage done when
I wanted to get on top of it and rest.

It is one of my special places so I need to do my
kneading of the spot very carefully before resting
on top of my computer chair.


  1. MOL...I never seen any cats make a biscuit that high plus watching bird channel at the same time. Must be top cat only : )

  2. Looks rather precarious to me. No, this granny cat prefers to curl up on the flat part of the chair and leaves the high bit to others.

  3. Good job Willow, balancing on the back of that chair. Don't know if we could do that but we sure will practice. Great pictures. Have yourselves a really good Sunday.

  4. Wow, Willow! That's pretty impressive how you are balancing there! You must be practicing for the kitty olympics!

  5. I loves the PC Chair of mah hooman too, PURRRS2U!
    Bengal Trio =^_^=

  6. How nice of your Mom to provide you such good biscuit-making material. Have you ever fallen off? That chair top looks sorta narrow.

  7. Great job marking that chair, Willow! It's so helpful for your mom to know what is officially yours. :)

    We are impressed by that picture of you balancing!!!

  8. Oh you did a superb job of marking, Willow. I am furry proud of you. xoxoxox I have one too. I sleep in the seat. That's where I am now and mom is standing while she types what I say.

  9. You are very good at balancing too, I'd fall off and but my butt!

  10. You are an excellent balancer, Willow! I am furry impressed!

  11. That's the purrfect perch to check out what's going on! You are very talented to be able to make biscuits clear up there too!